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Loose-Jointed meaning in Urdu

Loose-Jointed Sentence

A loose jointed paragraph.

Loose-Jointed Definitions

1) Loose-Jointed : ڈھیلے جوڑوں والا : (satellite adjective) loosely articulated or constructed.


Useful Words

Cloak : عبایہ , Jointed : مشترکہ , Snaffle : بے خار دہانہ لگام , Lay Figure : انسانی جسم کا مجسمہ , Limb : پر , Arthropoda : حشرات , Arthropod : جوڑ بند , Bamboo : بانس , Ephedra : ایک قسم کی جھاڑی , Horsetail : سدا بہار جڑی بوٹی , Loosen : ڈھیلا کرنا , Loose : ڈھیلا بنانا , Loose : ڈھیلا ہونا , Slack : ڈھیل , Robe : قبا , Mother Hubbard : ایک قسم کا عورتوں کا ڈھیلا لباس , Housecoat : عورت کا ڈھیلا ڈھالا لباس , Dandruff : خشکی , Gauze : جالی , Terry Towel : ترکی تولیہ , Mantua : ڈھیلا لبادہ جو سترہویں اور اٹھارویں صدیوں میں پہنا جاتا تھا , Quicksand : دلدل , Bow : گرہ , Clip : کلپ , Baster : پیوست کرنے والا , Scree : ڈھلان , Dust Coat : ایک لمبا سا لباس , Cowl : کلہ دار عبا , Banian : بنیان , Sand : بالو , Coverall : عبا

Useful Words Definitions

Cloak: a loose outer garment that hangs loosely from the shoulders.

Jointed: having joints or jointed segments.

Snaffle: a simple jointed bit for a horse; without a curb.

Lay Figure: dummy in the form of an artist's jointed model of the human body.

Limb: one of the jointed appendages of an animal used for locomotion or grasping: arm; leg; wing; flipper.

Arthropoda: jointed-foot invertebrates: arachnids; crustaceans; insects; millipedes; centipedes.

Arthropod: invertebrate having jointed limbs and a segmented body with an exoskeleton made of chitin.

Bamboo: the hard hollow jointed stem of the bamboo plant used in construction and making furniture.

Ephedra: jointed and nearly leafless desert shrub having reduced scalelike leaves and reddish fleshy seeds.

Horsetail: perennial rushlike flowerless herbs with jointed hollow stems and narrow toothlike leaves that spread by creeping rhizomes; tend to become weedy; common in northern hemisphere; some in Africa and South America.

Loosen: cause to become loose.

Loose: make loose or looser.

Loose: become loose or looser or less tight.

Slack: the quality of being loose (not taut).

Robe: any loose flowing garment.

Mother Hubbard: a woman's loose unbelted dress.

Housecoat: a loose dressing gown for women.

Dandruff: loose scales shed from the scalp.

Gauze: a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave.

Terry Towel: a bath towel with rough loose pile.

Mantua: loose gown of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Quicksand: a pit filled with loose wet sand into which objects are sucked down.

Bow: a knot with two loops and loose ends; used to tie shoelaces.

Clip: any of various small fasteners used to hold loose articles together.

Baster: a sewer who fastens a garment with long loose stitches.

Scree: a sloping mass of loose rocks at the base of a cliff.

Dust Coat: a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles.

Cowl: a loose hood or hooded robe (as worn by a monk).

Banian: a loose fitting jacket; originally worn in India.

Sand: a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral.

Coverall: a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing.

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