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لقمہ دینا : Luqma Dena Meaning in English

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Luqma Dena in Detail

1) لقمہ دینا : Cue Prompt Remind : (verb) assist (somebody acting or reciting) by suggesting the next words of something forgotten or imperfectly learned.

Related : Inform : impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to.

Useful Words

ترغیب دینے والا : Prompter, Theater Prompter : someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech.

منافقت : Double-Dealing, Duplicity : acting in bad faith; deception by pretending to entertain one set of intentions while acting under the influence of another.

گنتی : Count, Counting, Enumeration, Numeration, Reckoning, Tally : the act of counting; reciting numbers in ascending order. "He is counting money".

اطلاع دینا : Advise, Apprise, Apprize, Give Notice, Notify, Send Word : inform (somebody) of something. "Kindly apprise me before going to Karachi".

آگاہ کرنا : Acquaint : inform. "Please acquaint your colleagues of your plans to move".

کوئی چیز : Doodad, Doohickey, Doojigger, Gimmick, Gismo, Gizmo, Gubbins, Thingamabob, Thingamajig, Thingmabob, Thingmajig, Thingumabob, Thingumajig, Thingummy, Whatchamacallit, Whatchamacallum, Whatsis, Widget : something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known. "She eased the ball-shaped widget back into its socket".

قابل فراموش : Forgettable : easily forgotten.

حالت فراموشی : Limbo, Oblivion : the state of being disregarded or forgotten. "Oblivion of the sea".

یقین دلانا : Assure, Tell : inform positively and with certainty and confidence. "I tell you that man is a crook!".

کھویا ہوا : Mislaid, Misplaced : lost temporarily; as especially put in an unaccustomed or forgotten place. "The mislaid hat turned up eventually".

بھدا : Unshaped, Unshapen : incompletely or imperfectly shaped. "Unshaped dough".

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