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ماں کی طرح خَیال کرنا : Ma Ki Tarha Khayal Karna Meaning in English

Ma Ki Tarha Khayal Karna Sentences

Ma Ki Tarha Khayal Karna in Detail

1) ماں کی طرح خیال کرنا : Fuss Mother Overprotect : (verb) care for like a mother.


Useful Words

ساس : Mother-In-Law , وضع حمل کا علم : Midwifery , نانی : Gran , ماں سے متعلق : Maternal , آپ کی ماں کا قاتل : Matricide , بن ماں کا : Motherless , ماں باپ کے انکل : Granduncle , ماں : Ma , ننھیال : Enate , دادی خالہ : Grandaunt , ماں کی طرح : Maternally , آپ کے ماں باپ کے والدین : Grandparent , والد والدہ : Genitor , بن ماں کا جانور کا بچہ : Orphan , باپ یا ماں کا قاتل : Parricide , اپنی ماں کا قاتل : Matricide , ماں کی طرح : Motherlike , ممتا : Maternity , سوتیلا باپ : Stepfather , ماں کی طرح : Matronymic , ماں کی طرح : Motherly , خالہ : Aunt , چچا : Uncle , مادر ملکہ : Queen Mother , ہوش میں بچے کی پیدائش : Active Birth , دیکھ بھال کرنا : Tend , رومی شہزادی : Agrippina , ماں کے مرنے کے بعد پیٹ چیرکر بچے کی پیدائش : Posthumous Birth , ادیتی : Aditi , ماں : Female Parent , حمل کے بعد ماں کے پیٹ میں بچے کی پہلی حرکت : Quickening

Useful Words Definitions

Mother-In-Law: A mother-in-law is the mother of one`s spouse. When two people get married, their respective parents become related to each other through the marriage. The mother-in-law is the term used to refer to the mother of the husband or wife in this context.

Midwifery: the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother.

Gran: the mother of your father or mother.

Maternal: characteristic of a mother.

Matricide: the murder of your mother.

Motherless: having no living or known mother.

Granduncle: an uncle of your father or mother.

Ma: informal terms for a mother.

Enate: related on the mother`s side.

Grandaunt: an aunt of your father or mother.

Maternally: in a maternal manner; as a mother.

Grandparent: a parent of your father or mother.

Genitor: a natural father or mother.

Orphan: a young animal without a mother.

Parricide: the murder of your own father or mother.

Matricide: a person who murders their mother.

Motherlike: suggestive of or acting like a mother.

Maternity: the kinship relation between an offspring and the mother.

Stepfather: the husband of your mother by a subsequent marriage.

Matronymic: a name derived from the name of your mother or a maternal ancestor.

Motherly: befitting a mother; warm and nurturing.

Aunt: the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle.

Uncle: the brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt.

Queen Mother: a queen dowager who is mother of the reigning sovereign.

Active Birth: childbirth during which the mother is encouraged to be an active participant.

Tend: have care of or look after.

Agrippina: granddaughter of Augustus and mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger (14 BC - AD 33).

Posthumous Birth: birth of a child by Caesarean section after the death of the mother.

Aditi: a Hindu goddess who releases from sin or disease; mother of the Adityas.

Female Parent: a woman who has given birth to a child (also used as a term of address to your mother).

Quickening: the stage of pregnancy at which the mother first feels the movements of the fetus.

Related Words

خیال کرنا : Care

Close Words

مارنا : K33l , معقول تنخواہ : Handsome Salary , معروف موبائل فون کمپنی : Sumsung , مال غنیمت : Spoil , مار ڈھاڑ سے بھر پور : Hot , مار گرانا : Down , مارنا : Strike , مارنے والا : Hitter , مچھلی کا بازو یا پر : Fin , سہارا : Aid , مادہ بطخ : Pen

Close Words Definitions

K33l: Kill .

Handsome Salary: proper salary according to need.

Sumsung: very famed mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

Spoil: (usually plural) valuables taken by violence (especially in war).

Hot: characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense.

Down: shoot at and force to come down.

Strike: deliver a sharp blow, as with the hand, fist, or weapon.

Hitter: someone who hits.

Fin: organ of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals.

Aid: the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose.

Pen: female swan.

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