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1 of 2) Mace, Macebearer, Macer : عصا بردار : (noun) an official who carries a mace of office.

2 of 2) Mace : مرچ : (noun) spice made from the dried fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed.

Useful Words

Incumbent : سرکاری ملازم , Hangover : مدت سے زیادہ ملازمت کرنا , Caretaker : عبوری , Lame Duck : بے اختیار عہدیدار , Impeach : مواخزہ کرنا , Impeachment : مواخذہ , Investiture : عہدہ عطا کرنے کی تقریب , Air Hose : ہوا کا پائپ , Courier : قاصد , Jetliner : ہوائی جہاز جیٹ , Conveyer : پہنچانے والا , Transactor : معاملہ کرنے والا , Airliner : مسافر بردار ہوائی جہاز , Ship : بحری جہاز , Driving Belt : موٹر چلانے والی بیلٹ , Hepatic Portal Vein : خون کو جگر تک لے جانے والی رگ , Spill : ڈیم , Hod Carrier : مزدور , Conducting Wire : تار , Dead Axle : وہ دھرا جو پہیوں کے ساتھ گردش نہیں کرتا , Canal Boat : نہری کشتی , Tackle : کھیل میں بھڑنا بال لینے کے لئے , Cloaca : گندے پانی کا نالہ , Powder Monkey : بارود کی دیکھ بھال کا ذمہ دار شخص , Gutter : نالی , Epididymis : خصیوں کی نس , Flower Girl : بارات پر پھول نچھاور کرنے والی لڑکی , Aqueduct : آبی گزر گاہ , Transmitter : منتقل کرنے والا , Wearer : پہننے والا , Afferent Fiber : احساس منتقل کرنے والی رگ

Useful Words Definitions

Incumbent: the official who holds an office.

Hangover: an official who remains in office after his term.

Caretaker: an official who performs the duties of an office temporarily.

Lame Duck: an elected official still in office but not slated to continue.

Impeach: charge (a public official) with an offense or misdemeanor committed while in office.

Impeachment: a formal document charging a public official with misconduct in office.

Investiture: the ceremonial act of clothing someone in the insignia of an office; the formal promotion of a person to an office or rank.

Air Hose: a hose that carries air under pressure.

Courier: a person who carries a message.

Jetliner: a large jet plane that carries passengers.

Conveyer: a person who conveys (carries or transmits).

Transactor: someone who conducts or carries on business or negotiations.

Airliner: a commercial airplane that carries passengers.

Ship: a vessel that carries passengers or freight.

Driving Belt: a belt that carries motion from a motor to the machinery.

Hepatic Portal Vein: a short vein that carries blood into the liver.

Spill: a channel that carries excess water over or around a dam or other obstruction.

Hod Carrier: a laborer who carries supplies to masons or bricklayers.

Conducting Wire: a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance.

Dead Axle: an axle that carries a wheel but without power to drive it.

Canal Boat: a long boat that carries freight and is narrow enough to be used in canals.

Tackle: seize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball.

Cloaca: a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water.

Powder Monkey: someone who carries explosives (as from the magazine to the guns on board a warship).

Gutter: a channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater.

Epididymis: a convoluted tubule in each testis; carries sperm to vas deferens.

Flower Girl: a young girl who carries flowers in a (wedding) procession.

Aqueduct: a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley.

Transmitter: any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease.

Wearer: a person who wears or carries or displays something as a body covering or accessory.

Afferent Fiber: a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the central nervous system.

Related Words

Nutmeg : جائفل , Functionary : اہلکار

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