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مچھلی کی سلاد : Machli Ki Salad Meaning in English

Machli Ki Salad in Sentence

Some Americans like to have herring salad.

Machli Ki Salad in Detail

1) مچھلی کی سلاد : Herring Salad : (noun) based on pickled herring.


Useful Words

شد مچھلی : Shad , پھلوں کی سلاد : Fruit Salad , پاستا سلاد : Pasta Salad , شد مچھلی کا گوشت : Shad , سلاد کا پیالہ : Salad Bowl , رشاد مزروع : Common Garden Cress , سلاد کے پتے : Common Corn Salad , ککروندے کا پودا : Common Dandelion , جیلی نما مادہ کھانے میں بھی استعمال ہوتا ہے : Gelatin , گول مرچ کا پودا : Bell Pepper , ہرا زیتون : Green Olive , بحر روم کی خاردار جڑی بوٹی : Capparis Spinosa , مچھلی کا گوشت : Herring , عمومی قانون : Common-Law , خیالی : Fanciful , تکا : Dead Reckoning , شہادت سے متعلق : Evidential , منحصر ہونا : Build On , استنباطی : Ratiocinative , متن سے متعلق : Textual , نسل پرستانہ : Racist , ارضیاتی : Geologic , غیر عقلی : Blind , جاگیردارانہ : Manorial , معقول : Rational , قیاس پر مبنی : A Priori , انحصار : Reliance , اصلیت : Factuality , اخلاقیات : Ethical Motive , نظیری : Analogical , خاندان : Gens

Useful Words Definitions

Shad: herring-like food fishes that migrate from the sea to fresh water to spawn.

Fruit Salad: salad composed of fruits.

Pasta Salad: a salad having any of various pastas as the base.

Shad: bony flesh of herring-like fish usually caught during their migration to fresh water for spawning; especially of Atlantic coast.

Salad Bowl: a plate or bowl for individual servings of salad.

Common Garden Cress: annual herb used as salad green and garnish.

Common Corn Salad: widely cultivated as a salad crop and pot herb; often a weed.

Common Dandelion: Eurasian plant widely naturalized as a weed in North America; used as salad greens and to make wine.

Gelatin: an edible jelly (sweet or pungent) made with gelatin and used as a dessert or salad base or a coating for foods.

Bell Pepper: plant bearing large mild thick-walled usually bell-shaped fruits; the principal salad peppers.

Green Olive: olives picked green and pickled in brine; infrequently stuffed with e.g. pimento.

Capparis Spinosa: prostrate spiny shrub of the Mediterranean region cultivated for its greenish flower buds which are pickled.

Herring: valuable flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific; usually salted or pickled.

Common-Law: based on common law.

Fanciful: not based on fact; unreal.

Dead Reckoning: an estimate based on little or no information.

Evidential: serving as or based on evidence.

Build On: be based on; of theories and claims, for example.

Ratiocinative: based on exact thinking.

Textual: of or relating to or based on a text.

Racist: based on racial intolerance.

Geologic: of or relating to or based on geology.

Blind: not based on reason or evidence.

Manorial: of or relating to or based on the manor.

Rational: consistent with or based on or using reason.

A Priori: based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment.

Reliance: certainty based on past experience.

Factuality: the quality of being actual or based on fact.

Ethical Motive: motivation based on ideas of right and wrong.

Analogical: expressing, composed of, or based on an analogy.

Gens: family based on male descent.

Related Words

سلاد : Salad

Close Words

مچھلی کا بازو یا پر : Fin , مچھلی : Harbor Porpoise , مچھلیاں وغیرہ رکھنے کا شیشہ دار حوض : Aquarium , سنگ ماہی : Acipenser , مچھلی کی قسم : Achoerodus , کانٹوں والا بڑا جال : Setline , مچھلیاں پکڑنے یا ماہی گیری کے متعلق : Piscatorial , مچھلی پکڑنے کا اجازت نامہ : Fishing Licence , روغن ماہی : Cod Liver Oil , مچھلی : Family Hexagrammidae , مچھلی سے متعلق : Fishy

Close Words Definitions

Fin: organ of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals.

Harbor Porpoise: the common porpoise of the northern Atlantic and Pacific.

Aquarium: a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals.

Acipenser: type genus of the Acipenseridae: sturgeons.

Achoerodus: a genus of Labridae.

Setline: a long fishing line with many shorter lines and hooks attached to it (usually suspended between buoys).

Piscatorial: relating to or characteristic of the activity of fishing.

Fishing Licence: a license authorizing the bearer to fish during a specified period of time.

Cod Liver Oil: an oil obtained from the livers of cod and similar fishes; taken orally as a source of vitamins A and D.

Family Hexagrammidae: greenlings.

Fishy: of or relating to or resembling fish.

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