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مدرك : Madrak Meaning in English

Madrak in Detail

1 of 2) مدرك ادراک کرنے والا : Appreciator : (noun) a person who is fully aware of something and understands it.


2 of 2) مدرك جاننے والا : Apprehender Knower : (noun) a person who knows or apprehends.

Useful Words

با خبر : Aware , پوری حد تک : Full , بالغ : Adult , شرمیلا شخص : Shrinking Violet , بذات خود : In Person , شخص : Individual , بوڑھا شخص : Golden Ager , نمک حرام : Ingrate , مصیبت زدہ : Diseased Person , پیشہ ور : Professional , لاچار شخص : Abandoned Person , کاریگر : Working Man , غیر انگریز : Person Of Color , غیر مجاز : Incompetent , سیاہ فام : Black , بدنصیب : Unfortunate , خواندہ : Literate , مرحوم : Dead Person , مدہوش : Forgetful Person , مالدار شخص : Have , ناواقف شخص : Ignoramus , ماہر : Initiate , بہت اہم شخصیت : Dignitary , صنعتی وقت : Man Hour , مطلبی انسان : Selfish Person , اہم شخص : Important Person , ایسا شخص جس کا کوئی عزیز موت کی وجہ سے بچھڑ جائے : Bereaved , مریل : Scrag , کمسن : Juvenile , غیر معمولی شخص : Anomaly , مشہور شخص : Celebrity

Useful Words Definitions

Aware: bearing in mind; attentive to.

Full: to the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`full' in this sense is used as a combining form).

Adult: (of animals) fully developed.

Shrinking Violet: someone who shrinks from familiarity with others.

In Person: in the flesh; without involving anyone else.

Individual: a human being.

Golden Ager: an elderly person.

Ingrate: a person who shows no gratitude.

Diseased Person: a person suffering from an illness.

Professional: a person engaged in one of the learned professions.

Abandoned Person: someone for whom hope has been abandoned.

Working Man: an employee who performs manual or industrial labor.

Person Of Color: (formal) any non-European non-white person.

Incompetent: someone who is not competent to take effective action.

Black: a person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa).

Unfortunate: a person who suffers misfortune.

Literate: a person who can read and write.

Dead Person: someone who is no longer alive.

Forgetful Person: a flighty and disorganized person.

Have: a person who possesses great material wealth.

Ignoramus: an ignorant person.

Initiate: someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field.

Dignitary: an important or influential (and often overbearing) person.

Man Hour: a time unit used in industry for measuring work.

Selfish Person: a person who is unusually selfish.

Important Person: a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

Bereaved: a person who has suffered the death of someone they loved.

Scrag: a person who is unusually thin and scrawny.

Juvenile: a young person, not fully developed.

Anomaly: a person who is unusual.

Celebrity: a widely known person.