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مغرِبی مغرِبی کا ایک درخت : Maghribi Maghribi Ka Ek Darakht Meaning in English

Maghribi Maghribi Ka Ek Darakht in Sentence

Obechi also known as Triplochiton Scleroxcylon.

Maghribi Maghribi Ka Ek Darakht in Detail

1) مغربی مغربی کا ایک درخت : Arere Obeche Obechi Samba Triplochiton Scleroxcylon : (noun) large west African tree having large palmately lobed leaves and axillary cymose panicles of small white flowers and one-winged seeds; yields soft white to pale yellow wood.

Useful Words

گل یاس : Common Lilac , پپیتا : Carica Papaya , زہریلا پودا : Aconite , چھتری درخت : Elk-Wood , ایمازونی ربڑ کا درخت : Caoutchouc Tree , نرگسی گلاب : Hibiscus Syriacus , کانٹے دار امریکی پودا : Gleditsia Triacanthos , پیلے پھولوں والا ایک پودا : Abelmoschus , ناروے کا میپل : Acer Platanoides , پودینہ : Mentha Piperita , چاندی میپل : Acer Saccharinum , بزر القمر : Canada Moonseed , صنوبری درخت : Callitris Quadrivalvis , ایک قسم کا پودا : Acacia Dealbata , خوشبودار پھولوں والی جڑی بوٹی : Common Horehound , نوکیلے پتوں والی چھاڑی : Tamarisk , شجرکافور : Camphor Tree , ایک بڑا درخت : Silver Lime , موٹی سیم کا پیڑ : Horsebean , شمالی امریکی میپل : Acer Pennsylvanicum , چینی گلاب : China Rose , یورپی اوک کا درخت : Common Oak , اکنتھس پودا : Acanthus , سفید پھول والی جھاڑی : He-Huckleberry , مشرقی شمالی امریکا میں پایا جانے والا درخت جس کے پتے خزاں میں لال ہوجاتے ہیں : Rhus Typhina , ایک خوبصورت درخت : Chinese Magnolia , جگر جیسا پودا : Hepatica , جنوبی افریقہ کا ایک درخت : Bush Willow , جنگلی درخت : Blue Mahoe , سرخ صندل کا درخت : Adenanthera Pavonina , ہمالیائی گل یاس : Himalayan Lilac

Useful Words Definitions

Common Lilac: large European lilac naturalized in North America having heart-shaped ovate leaves and large panicles of highly fragrant lilac or white flowers.

Carica Papaya: tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit.

Aconite: any of various usually poisonous plants of the genus Aconitum having tuberous roots and palmately lobed leaves and blue or white flowers.

Elk-Wood: small deciduous tree of eastern North America having creamy white flowers and large leaves in formations like umbrellas at the ends of branches.

Caoutchouc Tree: deciduous tree of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers having leathery leaves and fragrant yellow-white flowers; it yields a milky juice that is the chief source of commercial rubber.

Hibiscus Syriacus: Asiatic shrub or small shrubby tree having showy bell-shaped rose or purple or white flowers and usually three-lobed leaves; widely cultivated in temperate North America and Europe.

Gleditsia Triacanthos: tall usually spiny North American tree having small greenish-white flowers in drooping racemes followed by long twisting seed pods; yields very hard durable reddish-brown wood; introduced to temperate Old World.

Abelmoschus: genus of tropical coarse herbs having large lobed leaves and often yellow flowers.

Acer Platanoides: a large Eurasian maple tree naturalized in North America; five-lobed leaves yellow in autumn; cultivated in many varieties.

Mentha Piperita: herb with downy leaves and small purple or white flowers that yields a pungent oil used as a flavoring.

Acer Saccharinum: a common North American maple tree; five-lobed leaves are light green above and silvery white beneath; source of hard close-grained but brittle light-brown wood.

Canada Moonseed: a woody vine of eastern North America having large oval leaves and small white flowers and purple to blue-black fruits.

Callitris Quadrivalvis: large coniferous evergreen tree of North Africa and Spain having flattened branches and scalelike leaves yielding a hard fragrant wood; bark yields a resin used in varnishes.

Acacia Dealbata: evergreen Australasian tree having white or silvery bark and young leaves and yellow flowers.

Common Horehound: European aromatic herb with hairy leaves and numerous white flowers in axillary cymes; leaves yield a bitter extract use medicinally and as flavoring.

Tamarisk: any shrub or small tree of the genus Tamarix having small scalelike or needle-shaped leaves and feathery racemes of small white or pinkish flowers; of mostly coastal areas with saline soil.

Camphor Tree: large evergreen tree of warm regions whose aromatic wood yields camphor.

Silver Lime: large tree native to eastern Europe and Asia Minor having leaves with white tomentum on the under side; widely cultivated as an ornamental.

Horsebean: large shrub or shrubby tree having sharp spines and pinnate leaves with small deciduous leaflets and sweet-scented racemose yellow-orange flowers; grown as ornamentals or hedging or emergency food for livestock; tropical America but naturalized in southern United States.

Acer Pennsylvanicum: maple of eastern North America with striped bark and large two-lobed leaves clear yellow in autumn.

China Rose: large showy Asiatic shrub or small tree having large single or double red to deep-red flowers.

Common Oak: medium to large deciduous European oak having smooth leaves with rounded lobes; yields hard strong light-colored wood.

Acanthus: any plant of the genus Acanthus having large spiny leaves and spikes or white or purplish flowers; native to Mediterranean region but widely cultivated.

He-Huckleberry: deciduous much-branched shrub with dense downy panicles of small bell-shaped white flowers.

Rhus Typhina: deciduous shrubby tree or eastern North America with compound leaves that turn brilliant red in fall and dense panicles of greenish yellow flowers followed by crimson acidic berries.

Chinese Magnolia: large deciduous shrub or small tree having large open rosy to purplish flowers; native to Asia; prized as an ornamental in eastern North America.

Hepatica: any of several plants of the genus Hepatica having three-lobed leaves and white or pinkish flowers in early spring; of moist and mossy subalpine woodland areas of north temperate regions.

Bush Willow: small South African tree having creamy yellow fragrant flowers usually growing on stream banks.

Blue Mahoe: erect forest tree of Cuba and Jamaica having variably hairy leaves and orange-yellow or orange-red flowers; yields a moderately dense timber for cabinetwork and gunstocks.

Adenanthera Pavonina: East Indian tree with racemes of yellow-white flowers; cultivated as an ornamental.

Himalayan Lilac: robust upright shrub of mountains of northern India having oblong-elliptic leaves and pale lilac or white malodorous flowers.

Related Words

شجر : Tree

Close Words

مغربی : Western , مغربی یورپی جزائر : Hebridean Islands , مغربی افریقی پودہ : Aframomum Melegueta , فرنگی بننا : Occidentalise , مغربی امریکہ کی ایک ریاست : Equality State , مغربی ہوا : Westerly , مغربی جرمنی کا رہنما : Adenauer , مغربی ممالک کا باشندہ : Occidental , مغربی ممالک : Occident , مغربی امریکی ارتقا پر بننے والی فلم : Horse Opera

Close Words Definitions

Western: relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts.

Hebridean Islands: a group of more than 500 islands off the western coast of Scotland.

Aframomum Melegueta: West African plant bearing pungent peppery seeds.

Occidentalise: make western in character.

Equality State: a state in the western United States; mountainous in the west and north with the Great Plains in the east.

Westerly: of wind; from the west.

Adenauer: German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1876-1967).

Occidental: a native inhabitant of the Occident.

Occident: the countries of (originally) Europe and (now including) North America and South America.

Horse Opera: a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development.

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