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مَعدن سے متعلق : Maidan Se Mutaliq Meaning in English

Maidan Se Mutaliq in Detail

1) معدن سے متعلق معدنی : Mineral : (adjective) relating to minerals.

Useful Words

معدنی تیل : Mineral Oil : a distillate of petroleum (especially one used medicinally as a laxative or stool softener).

قدرتی رال : Asphalt, Mineral Pitch : a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation; consists mainly of hydrocarbons.

چٹان کی پرت : Mineral Vein, Vein : a layer of ore between layers of rock.

معدنی پانی : Mineral Water : water naturally or artificially impregnated with mineral salts or gasses; often effervescent; often used therapeutically.

معدنی موم : Ader Wax, Earth Wax, Mineral Wax, Ozocerite, Ozokerite : a waxy mineral that is a mixture of hydrocarbons and occurs in association with petroleum; some varieties are used in making ceresin and candles. "Ader wax box".

ہرے مادے : Actinolite : a green mineral of the amphibole group; calcium magnesium iron silicate.

متحرک کرنے والا کیمیاء : Activating Agent : (mineral extraction) a surface-active chemical used in flotation process to increase the attraction to a specific mineral.

سوڈیم : Atomic Number 11, Na, Sodium : a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group; occurs abundantly in natural compounds (especially in salt water); burns with a yellow flame and reacts violently in water; occurs in sea water and in the mineral halite (rock salt).

بے رنگ معدن : Barite, Barium Sulphate, Barytes, Heavy Spar : a white or colorless mineral (BaSO4); the main source of barium.

کچا پیتل : Bornite, Peacock Ore : a mineral consisting of sulfides of copper and iron that is found in copper deposits.

گردے کی پتھری : Calculus, Concretion : a hard lump produced by the concretion of mineral salts; found in hollow organs or ducts of the body. "Renal calculi can be very painful".

قلعی پتھر : Cassiterite : a hard heavy dark mineral that is the chief source of tin.

شنگرف : Cinnabar : a heavy reddish mineral consisting of mercuric sulfide; the chief source of mercury.

کچا تانبا : Cuprite : a mineral consisting of cuprous oxide that is a source of copper.

ریگ مال : Emery : a hard grey-black mineral consisting of corundum and either hematite or magnetite; used as an abrasive (especially as a coating on paper).

سونے اور چاندی کے اجزا والا معدن : Graphic Tellurium, Sylvanite : a silver-white mineral consisting of silver gold telluride; a source of gold in Australia and America.

کچا سیسہ : Green Lead Ore, Pyromorphite : a mineral consisting of lead chloride and phosphate; a minor source of lead.

ایک معدن : Hausmannite : a mineral consisting of manganese tetroxide; a source of manganese.

ہڈنائٹ قیمتی پتھر : Hiddenite : a green transparent form of the mineral spodumene used as a gemstone.

گہری سبز دھات : Hornblende : a green to black mineral of the amphibole group; consists of silicates of calcium and sodium and magnesium and iron.

چین کا صوبہ : Hunan, Hunan Province : a province in southeastern central China between the Nan Ling mountains and the Chang Jiang; noted for its timber and valuable mineral resources.

ایک قسم کی دھات : Ilmenite : a weakly magnetic black mineral found in metamorphic and plutonic rocks; an iron titanium oxide in crystalline form; a source of titanium.

پتری : Lamina : a thin plate or layer (especially of bone or mineral).

معدنی پانی : Lithia Water : mineral water containing lithium salts.

صخریات : Lithology, Petrology : the branch of geology that studies rocks: their origin and formation and mineral composition and classification.

ایک پیتل رنگ کی دھات : Millerite : a yellow mineral consisting of nickel sulfide; a minor source of nickel.

معدنی مادے میں بدلنا : Mineralize : convert into a mineral substance.

ایک دھات : Nepheline, Nephelite : a whitish mineral consisting of sodium aluminum silicate or potassium aluminum silicate in crystalline form; used in the manufacture of ceramics and enamels.

گردہ پتھر؛ تابدار دھات کی سفید گہری سبز قسم : Nephrite : an amphibole mineral consisting of calcium magnesium silicate in monoclinic crystalline form; a source of jade that is less valuable than from jadeite; once believed to cure kidney disorders.

کچی دھات : Ore : a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined.

ایک معدن جو بنیادی طور پر آبی ایلومینیم اور پوٹاشیم سیلیکیٹ پر مشتمل ہو : Pinite : grey or green or brown mineral similar to mica and containing aluminum and potassium sulphates.

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