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1. ایک مرض جو جلد کو اور نظام ہضم کو متاثر کرتا ہے Ek Marz Jo Jald Ko Or Nizam Hazam Ko Mutasir Karta Hai : Alpine Scurvy Mal De La Rosa Mal Rosso Mayidism Pellagra Saint Ignatius' Itch Maidism : (noun) a disease caused by deficiency of niacin or tryptophan (or by a defect in the metabolic conversion of tryptophan to niacin); characterized by gastrointestinal disturbances and erythema and nervous or mental disorders; may be caused by malnutrition or alcoholism or other nutritional impairments.

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Alcohol Addiction Alcoholism Drunkenness Inebriation : شراب کی لت Sharab Ki Lat : habitual intoxication; prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks leading to a breakdown in health and an addiction to alcohol such that abrupt deprivation leads to severe withdrawal symptoms.

Conversion : تبدیلی Tabdeeli : a change in the units or form of an expression:. "Conversion from Fahrenheit to Centigrade"

Defect Desert : اپنی فوج چھوڑ کر دوسری میں شامل ہونا Apni Fauj Chor Kar Dusri Men Shamil Hona : desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army. "If soldiers deserted Hitler's army, they were shot"

Deficiency Lack Want : کمی Kami : the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable. "What is lacking in me?"

Disease : مرض Marz : an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning.

Disorder Upset : جسمانی خرابی Jismani Kharabi : a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning. "I had an upset stomach"

Affray Disturbance Fray Ruffle : جھگڑا Jhagra : a noisy fight. "They have been arrested for affray"

Erythema : جلد پر سرخ دھبے Jald Par Surk Dhabay : abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of blood vessels (as in sunburn or inflammation).

Gastrointestinal Gi : معدہ اور آنت سے متعلق Mayda Or Aant Se Mutaliq : of or relating to the stomach and intestines. "A gastrointestinal disorder"

Damage Harm Impairment : نقصان Nuqsaan : the occurrence of a change for the worse. "So what`s the harm"

Malnutrition : ناقص غذائیت Naqas Ghizaayat : a state of poor nutrition; can result from insufficient or excessive or unbalanced diet or from inability to absorb foods.

May : مئی Mae : the month following April and preceding June. "Since May"

Mental : دماغی Dimaghi : involving the mind or an intellectual process. "Mental images of happy times"

Niacin Nicotinic Acid : حیاتی کیمیا نیا سین؛ تمباکو کا زہر Hayati Kimiya Naya Seen Tambaku Ka Zahar : a B vitamin essential for the normal function of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Nutritional Nutritionary : غذائیت سے متعلق Ghizaayat Se Mutaliq : of or relating to or providing nutrition. "Nutritional information"

Early Former Other : قدیم دور کے متعلق Qadeem Dor Kay Mutaliq : belonging to the distant past. "The early inhabitants of Europe"

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