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1 of 4) Mail : ڈاک بیجھنا : (noun) The parcels of letters and packages conveyed by the postal service.

2 of 4) Mail, Get Off : خط بھیجنا : (verb) send via the postal service.

I`ll mail you the check tomorrow.

3 of 4) Mail, Mail Service, Post, Postal Service : ڈاک کے زریعے پیغام بھیجنا, خط : (noun) the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office.

The mail handles billions of items every day.
He works for the United States mail service.+ More

4 of 4) Mail, Post, Send : بھیجنا : (verb) cause to be directed or transmitted to another place.

I'll mail you the paper when it's written.

Useful Words

1st Class : مہر لگی ڈاک , Postmark : نشان ڈاک , Parcel Post : پارسل ڈاک , Third Class : تیسرا درجہ , Call Box : خط ڈبہ , Box Number : لیٹر بکس نمبر , Post Horse : ڈاک تقسیم کرنے والا گہوڑا , Registered Mail : رجسٹرڈ ڈاک جس کی ضمانت دی جاتی ہے , Aerogram : ہوائی ڈاک سے بھیجا جانے والا خط , Carrier : ڈاکیا , Send In : روانہ کرنا , Air Mail : ہوائی ڈاک , Mail Order : بزریعہ ڈاک چیزیں خریدنا , Mail Pouch : ڈاک کا تھیلا , Letter Box : ڈاک کا خاص ڈبہ , Mail Boat : ڈاک لے جانے والی کشتی , Addressed : جس پر پتہ درج ہو , Letter Box : لیٹر بکس , Maildrop : وہ جگہ جہاں ڈاک یا خط جمع ہوتے ہیں , Bringing : دینا , Postal : ڈاک خانے سے ڈاک لیجانے سے متعلق , Junk E-Mail : غیر ضروری ای میل , Express : تیز ترسیل , Special Delivery : خاص نظام کے تحت تر سیل , Slot : کھانچا , Hate Mail : نفرت آمیز ڈاک , Byrnie : کرتہ , Stage : ایک قسم کی گاڑی جس کو گہوڑے کھینچتے تھے , Coif : ٹوپی , Pony Express : ڈاک کا ایک نظام , Aaron Montgomery Ward : امریکی تاجر

Useful Words Definitions

1st Class: mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspection.

Postmark: a cancellation mark stamped on mail by postal officials; indicates the post office and date of mailing.

Parcel Post: postal service that handles packages.

Third Class: mail consisting of printed matter qualifying for reduced postal rates.

Call Box: a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for.

Box Number: the number of a letter box at the post office where mail is collected.

Post Horse: a horse kept at an inn or post house for use by mail carriers or for rent to travelers.

Registered Mail: mail that is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery.

Aerogram: a letter sent by air mail.

Carrier: a man who delivers the mail.

Send In: mail in; cause to be delivered.

Air Mail: mail that is sent by air transport.

Mail Order: a purchase negotiated by mail.

Mail Pouch: pouch used in the shipment of mail.

Letter Box: a private box for delivery of mail.

Mail Boat: a boat for carrying mail.

Addressed: (of mail) marked with a destination.

Letter Box: public box for deposit of mail.

Maildrop: a drop where mail can be deposited.

Bringing: the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail).

Postal: of or relating to the system for delivering mail.

Junk E-Mail: unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk).

Express: mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system.

Special Delivery: mail that is delivered by a special carrier (for an additional charge).

Slot: a small slit (as for inserting a coin or depositing mail).

Hate Mail: mail that expresses the writer`s dislike or hatred (usually in offensive language).

Byrnie: a long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor.

Stage: a large coach-and-four formerly used to carry passengers and mail on regular routes between towns.

Coif: a skullcap worn by nuns under a veil or by soldiers under a hood of mail or formerly by British sergeants-at-law.

Pony Express: express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback; especially between Missouri and California around 1860.

Aaron Montgomery Ward: United States businessman who in 1872 established a successful mail-order business (1843-1913).

Related Words

Communicating : رابطہ , Message : پیغام , Airmail : ہوائی ڈاک , Send : بھجوانا

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