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Mainstay meaning in Urdu

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Mainstay Definitions

1 of 2) Mainstay, Pillar : ستون, بنیادی سہارا, پلر : (noun) a prominent supporter.

2 of 2) Mainstay, Anchor, Backbone, Keystone, Linchpin, Lynchpin : تکیہ, ریڑھ کی ہڈی, بنیاد : (noun) a central cohesive source of support and stability.

Useful Words

Chine : جانور کی ریڑھ کی ہڈی , Invertebrate : بغیر ریڑھ کی ہڈی کے جانور , Loin : پٹھا , Invertebrate : ریڑھ کی ہڈی کے بغیر , Pillar Box : لیٹر بکس , Newel : ستون زینہ , Atrip : تہوڑا اوپر , Anchorage : لنگر گاہ , Sheet Anchor : جہاز کا سب سے بڑا لنگر جسے ہنگامی صورت ہی میں ڈالا جاتا ہے , Zakat : زکوة , Grapnel : لنگر , Aweigh : لٹکا ہوا , Obelisk : پتھر کا , Hawse : آنکڑا , Feminist : عورت مرد کی برابری کا حامی , Fundamentalist : بنیاد پرست , Adhere : وابستہ , Zionist : حامی صیہونیت , Believer : یقین رکھنے والا , Booster : وکیل , Enlistee : تازہ سپاہی , Apostle : حامی , Salaah : نماز , Enthusiast : پکا حامی , Revolutionary : انقلاب پسند , Cavalier : شاہ پرست , New Dealer : معاملت نو کا حامی , Capstan : لنگر , Herm : یونانی مجسمہ , Arthur Holmes : انگریز ماہر ارضیات , Conspicuously : نمایاں طور پر

Useful Words Definitions

Chine: backbone of an animal.

Invertebrate: lacking a backbone or spinal column.

Loin: either side of the backbone between the hipbone and the ribs in humans as well as quadrupeds.

Invertebrate: any animal lacking a backbone or notochord; the term is not used as a scientific classification.

Pillar Box: a red pillar-shaped letter box.

Newel: the central pillar of a circular staircase.

Atrip: (of an anchor) just clear of the bottom.

Anchorage: place for vessels to anchor.

Sheet Anchor: spare anchor for use in emergency.

Zakat: the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship.

Grapnel: a light anchor for small boats.

Aweigh: (used of an anchor) hanging clear of the bottom.

Obelisk: a stone pillar having a rectangular cross section tapering towards a pyramidal top.

Hawse: the hole of a ship`s bows through which an anchor rope passes.

Feminist: a supporter of feminism.

Fundamentalist: a supporter of fundamentalism.

Adhere: be a devoted follower or supporter.

Zionist: a Jewish supporter of Zionism.

Believer: a supporter who accepts something as true.

Booster: someone who is an active supporter and advocate.

Enlistee: any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces).

Apostle: an ardent early supporter of a cause or reform.

Salaah: the second pillar of Islam is prayer; a prescribed liturgy performed five times a day (preferably in a mosque) and oriented toward Mecca.

Enthusiast: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity.

Revolutionary: a radical supporter of political or social revolution.

Cavalier: a royalist supporter of Charles I during the English Civil War.

New Dealer: a supporter of the economic policies in the United States known as the New Deal.

Capstan: a windlass rotated in a horizontal plane around a vertical axis; used on ships for weighing anchor or raising heavy sails.

Herm: a statue consisting of a squared stone pillar with a carved head (usually a bearded Hermes) on top; used in ancient Greece as a boundary marker or signpost.

Arthur Holmes: English geologist and supporter of the theory of continental drift (1890-1965).

Conspicuously: in a prominent way.

Related Words

Admirer : جیالہ

Mainstay in Book Titles

Mainstay: A Twentieth Century Life.
The Mainstay of the Chinese Shadow Show: The Lanchou Shadow Show.