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Make 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Make in Sentences

It makes no odds to me. How do i make you believe ?

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1. بنانا Banana : Make : (verb) act in a certain way so as to acquire.

Make friends.
Make enemies.

Related : Do : behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself.

2. ڈزائن کرنا Desine Karna, بنانا Banana : Do, Make : (verb) create or design, often in a certain way.

3. آمادہ کرنا Amada Karna, مائل کرنا Mael Karna, قائل کرنا Qail Karna : Cause, Get, Have, Induce, Stimulate, Make : (verb) cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.

Related : Persuade : cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody`s arm. Bring : induce or persuade.

4. پیدا کرنا Paida Karna, تخلیق کرنا Takhliq Karna : Create, Make : (verb) make or cause to be or to become.

Make a mess in one's office.

Related : Sire : make children. Reproduce : have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant.

5. تیار کرنا Tayyar Karna, وجود میں لانا Wujood Men Lana : Create, Produce, Make : (verb) create or manufacture a man-made product.

Related : Breed : cause to procreate (animals). Remake : make new.

6. اخذ کرنا Akhz Karna : Draw, Make : (verb) make, formulate, or derive in the mind.

Make an estimate.
What do you make of his remarks?

7. کمانا Kamana, نفع حاصل کرنا Nafa Hasil Karna, نفع کمانا Nafa Kamana : Bring In, Clear, Earn, Gain, Pull In, Realise, Realize, Take In, Make : (verb) earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages.

How much do you make a month in your new job?

Related : Get : come into the possession of something concrete or abstract. Turn A Profit : make a profit; gain money or materially.

8. تشکیل دینا Tashkeelay Dena : Constitute, Form, Make : (verb) to compose or represent:.

This makes a fine introduction.

Related : Represent : form or compose.

9. بنانا Banana, تعمیر کرنا Tameer Karna : Build, Construct, Make : (verb) make by combining materials and parts.

Related : Customize : make according to requirements. Reconstruct : build again.

10. ڈھالنا Dhalna : Make : (verb) change from one form into another.

Make water into wine.
Make lead into gold.+ More

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

11. مقرر کرنا Muqarar Karna : Name, Nominate, Make : (verb) charge with a function; charge to be.

Related : Charge : assign a duty, responsibility or obligation to.

12. جیتنا Jeetna, حاصل کرنا Hasil Karna : Get, Have, Make : (verb) achieve a point or goal.

Related : Tally : gain points in a game.

13. پہنچنا Pahunchna : Arrive At, Attain, Gain, Hit, Reach, Make : (verb) reach a destination, either real or abstract.

Related : Travel : change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically. Surmount : reach the highest point of.

14. قانون عائد کرنا Qanoon Aaed Karna : Establish, Lay Down, Make : (verb) institute, enact, or establish.

Make laws.

Related : Set : establish as the highest level or best performance.

15. منقد کرنا Munqd Karna, انعقاد کرنا Aniqad Karna : Give, Have, Hold, Throw, Make : (verb) organize or be responsible for.

Have, throw, or make a party.

16. پاخانہ کرنا Pakhana Karna : Ca-Ca, Crap, Defecate, Shit, Stool, Take A Crap, Take A Shit, Make : (verb) have a bowel movement.

Related : Pass : eliminate from the body.

17. بنانا Banana, پکانا Pakana, تیار کرنا Tayyar Karna : Cook, Fix, Prepare, Ready, Make : (verb) prepare for eating by applying heat.

Can you make me an omelette?

Related : Put On : put on the stove or ready for cooking. Precook : cook beforehand so that the actual preparation won't take long.

18. جنسی عمل کے لئے منانا Jinsi Amal Kay Liay Manana, جماع کے لئے منانا Jima Kay Liay Manana : Score, Seduce, Make : (verb) induce to have sex.

Related : Persuade : cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody`s arm. Seduce : lure or entice away from duty, principles, or proper conduct.

19. روپ دھارنا Roop Dharna : Make Believe, Pretend, Make : (verb) represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like.

She makes like an actress.

Related : Sham : make believe with the intent to deceive. Represent : play a role or part.

20. پیشاب کرنا Peshab Karna : Make Water, Micturate, Pass Water, Pee, Pee-Pee, Piddle, Piss, Puddle, Relieve Oneself, Spend A Penny, Take A Leak, Urinate, Wee, Wee-Wee, Make : (verb) eliminate urine.

Related : Urinate : pass after the manner of urine. Wet : make one`s bed or clothes wet by urinating.

Make in Idioms

Make A Pig Of Yourself : To eat too much food in one sitting.

Make A Monkey Out Of Somebody : To do stupid or ridiculous activity.

Make A Mountain Of A Molehill : To exaggerate on a minor issue and make it seem like a major one.

Useful Words

Acquire - Get : پانا Pana : come into the possession of something concrete or abstract. "She got a lot of paintings from her uncle"

Act - Deed - Human Action - Human Activity : کام Kam : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Certain : کچھ Kuch : definite but not specified or identified. "Set aside a certain sum each week"

Create : وجود میں لانا Wujood Men Lana : bring into existence. "The company was created 25 years ago"

Frequently - Oft - Often - Oftentimes - Ofttimes : اکثر Aksar : many times at short intervals. "As often happens"

So : تو To : for this reason; therefore. "So what else"

Way : رستہ Rasta : any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another. "I`m on the way"