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Mamba meaning in Urdu

Mamba Definitions

1) Mamba : ایک قسم کا سانپ : (noun) arboreal snake of central and southern Africa whose bite is often fatal.


Useful Words

African Coral Snake : افریقی سانپ , Snakebite : سانپ کا ڈسنا , Antivenene : زہر کا توڑ , Pest : طاعون , Agkistrodon Piscivorus : پانی کا سانپ , Gibbon : بغیر دم کا لنگور , Hydrophobia : پاگل جانور یا پاگل کتے کے کاٹنے سے ہونے والی بیماری , Common Iguana : ہری امریکی چھپکلی , Aegypius Monachus : کالا گدھ , Cape Lobster : جنوبی افریقی جھینگا , Burchell's Zebra : عام زیبرہ , Common Eland : افریقی بڑے سینگھ والا ہرن , Medlar : ایک قسم کا چھوٹا درخت , Honey Badger : گلہری جیسا نڈر جانور , Common Spoonbill : سارس کی ایک قسم , Kraal : افریقی دیہات , Knobkerrie : لاٹھی نما چھڑی , Hyaena : ایک قسم کا جانور , Gorilla : بڑا طاقتور افریقی بندر , Chad : چاد , African Hunting Dog : افریقی شکاری کتا , Calamintha Sylvatica : پودینے کی خوشبو والا پھول دار پودا , Gray Fox : امریکی لومڑی , Star Grass : ستارہ گھاس , Abies Alba : عمارتی لکڑی کا درخت , Afrocarpus : افریقی میوہا , Take Off : مہلک ثابت ہونا , Gnaw : کاٹنا , Nibble : چھوٹا حصہ کاٹنا یا کترنا , Horn Of Africa : جزیرہ صومالیہ , Black : سیاہ فام

Useful Words Definitions

African Coral Snake: small widely distributed arboreal snake of southern Africa banded in black and orange.

Snakebite: a bite inflicted by a (venomous) snake.

Antivenene: an antitoxin that counteracts the effects of venom from the bite of a snake or insect or other animal.

Pest: a serious (sometimes fatal) infection of rodents caused by Yersinia pestis and accidentally transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea that has bitten an infected animal.

Agkistrodon Piscivorus: venomous semiaquatic snake of swamps in southern United States.

Gibbon: smallest and most perfectly anthropoid arboreal ape having long arms and no tail; of southern Asia and East Indies.

Hydrophobia: Hydrophobia, also known as rabies, is a viral disease that affects the central nervous system. It is primarily transmitted through the bite or scratch of an infected animal, typically a dog, bat, raccoon, or other mammals.

Common Iguana: large herbivorous tropical American arboreal lizards with a spiny crest along the back; used as human food in Central America and South America.

Aegypius Monachus: of southern Eurasia and northern Africa.

Cape Lobster: small lobster of southern Africa.

Burchell's Zebra: of the plains of central and eastern Africa.

Common Eland: dark fawn-colored eland of southern and eastern Africa.

Medlar: small deciduous tree of southern Africa having edible fruit.

Honey Badger: nocturnal badger-like carnivore of wooded regions of Africa and southern Asia.

Common Spoonbill: pure white crested spoonbill of southern Eurasia and northeastern Africa.

Kraal: a village of huts for native Africans in southern Africa; usually surrounded by a stockade.

Knobkerrie: a short wooden club with a heavy knob on one end; used by aborigines in southern Africa.

Hyaena: doglike nocturnal mammal of Africa and southern Asia that feeds chiefly on carrion.

Gorilla: largest anthropoid ape; terrestrial and vegetarian; of forests of central west Africa.

Chad: a landlocked desert republic in north-central Africa; was under French control until 1960.

African Hunting Dog: a powerful doglike mammal of southern and eastern Africa that hunts in large packs; now rare in settled area.

Calamintha Sylvatica: mint-scented perennial of central and southern Europe.

Gray Fox: dark grey American fox; from Central America through southern United States.

Star Grass: any plant of the genus Hypoxis having long grasslike leaves and yellow star-shaped flowers: Africa; Australia; southern Asia; North America.

Abies Alba: tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark.

Afrocarpus: dioecious evergreen trees or shrubs; equatorial to southern and southeastern Africa: yellowwood; similar to trees or genus Podocarpus.

Take Off: prove fatal.

Gnaw: bite or chew on with the teeth.

Nibble: bite off very small pieces.

Horn Of Africa: a peninsula of northeastern Africa (the easternmost part of Africa) comprising Somalia and Djibouti and Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia.

Black: a person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa).

Related Words

Elapid : زہریلا سانپ

کُھلّم کُھلّا