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Mammal meaning in Urdu

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Mammal Definitions

1) Mammal, Mammalian : دودھ پلانے والے جانور, پستان دار : (noun) any warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair; young are born alive except for the small subclass of monotremes and nourished with milk.


Useful Words

Ablactation : ماں کا دودھ چھڑا کر کوئی دوسری غذا شروع کرانے کا عمل , Hare : خرگوش نما , Baby : کم عمر جانور , Suckling : شیر خوار بچہ , Baby Tooth : دودھ کے دانت , Mole : چھچھوندر , Black-Footed Ferret : ایک چھوٹا گوشت خور جانور , Shrew : چھچھوندر , Weasel : نیولا , Coney : ایک قسم کا خرگوش , Reptile : رینگنے والا جانور , Hoof : جانور کا کھر , Unguiculate : پنجوں والا , Fur : پشم , Accept : اپنا لینا , Carnivore : خشکی کے گوشت خور جانور , Civet : مشک بلاوٴ , Fossorial Mammal : کھدائی کرنے والےجانور , Quadruped : چوپایہ جانور , Glutton : ریچ جیسا جانور , Louse : جوں , Tusker : ناب دار , Sheep : بھیڑ , Bird : پرندہ , Camel : اونٹ , Damaliscus Lunatus : جنوبی افریقہ میں پایا جانے والا ایک جانور , Otter : اود بلاو ایک قسم کا جانور , Balaenoptera Musculus : سب سے بڑی مچھلی , Hyaena : ایک قسم کا جانور , Cat : بلی , Chamois : پہاڑی بکرا

Useful Words Definitions

Ablactation: the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal.

Hare: swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes.

Baby: a very young mammal.

Suckling: a young mammal that has not been weaned.

Baby Tooth: one of the first temporary teeth of a young mammal (one of 20 in children).

Mole: small velvety-furred burrowing mammal having small eyes and fossorial forefeet.

Black-Footed Ferret: a small mammal found in regions of United States.

Shrew: small mouselike mammal with a long snout; related to moles.

Weasel: small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck.

Coney: small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America.

Reptile: any cold-blooded vertebrate of the class Reptilia including tortoises, turtles, snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, and extinct forms.

Hoof: the foot of an ungulate mammal.

Unguiculate: a mammal having nails or claws.

Fur: the dressed hairy coat of a mammal.

Accept: be responsive to, used of a female domesticated mammal.

Carnivore: a terrestrial or aquatic flesh-eating mammal.

Civet: cat-like mammal typically secreting musk used in perfumes.

Fossorial Mammal: a burrowing mammal having limbs adapted for digging.

Quadruped: an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking.

Glutton: musteline mammal found in northern Eurasia.

Louse: wingless usually flattened bloodsucking insect parasitic on warm-blooded animals.

Tusker: any mammal with prominent tusks (especially an elephant or wild boar).

Sheep: woolly usually horned ruminant mammal related to the goat.

Bird: warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings.

Camel: cud-chewing mammal used as a draft or saddle animal in desert regions.

Damaliscus Lunatus: a large South African antelope; considered the swiftest hoofed mammal.

Otter: freshwater carnivorous mammal having webbed and clawed feet and dark brown fur.

Balaenoptera Musculus: largest mammal ever known; bluish-grey migratory whalebone whale mostly of southern hemisphere.

Hyaena: doglike nocturnal mammal of Africa and southern Asia that feeds chiefly on carrion.

Cat: feline mammal usually having thick soft fur and no ability to roar: domestic cats; wildcats.

Chamois: hoofed mammal of mountains of Eurasia having upright horns with backward-hooked tips.

Related Words

Craniate : کھوپڑی والا جانور