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Man Chahe Cheez Talash Karna : من چاہی چیز تلاش کرنا

1. Prospect : من چاہی چیز تلاش کرنا : (verb) search for something desirable.

Tafteesh Karna : Search : an investigation seeking answers. "A thorough search of the ledgers revealed nothing"

Talash : Search : the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone.

Justajoo Karna, Tehqeeq Karna, Jannay Ki Koshi... : Search : inquire into. "The students had to research the history of the Second World War for their history project"

Talash Karna : Search : try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of. "Search it or get it searched"

Talash Karna, Dhondna : Search : search or seek. "We looked all day and finally found the child in the forest"

Muzoun Shareek ... : Desirable : worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse. "The parents found the girl suitable for their son"