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Man In The Street   Meaning in Urdu

1. Man In The Street - Joe Bloggs - Joe Blow - John Doe : عام آدمی - متوسط آدمی : (noun) a hypothetical average man.

Common Man, Common Person, Commoner - a person who holds no title.

Useful Words

Average - Norm : عام معیار : a statistic describing the location of a distribution. "It set the norm for American homes"

Conjectural - Divinatory - Hypothetic - Hypothetical - Supposed - Suppositional - Suppositious - Supposititious : قیاسی : based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence. "Theories about the extinction of dinosaurs are still highly conjectural"

Adult Male - Man : آدمی : an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman). "Be a man"

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