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منگنی : Mangni Meaning in English

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1 of 2) منگنی شادی کا وعدہ : Betrothal Engagement Troth : (noun) a mutual promise to marry.

Related : Promise : a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future.


2 of 2) منگنی سگائی : Betrothal Espousal : (noun) the act of becoming betrothed or engaged.

Related : Ritual : any customary observance or practice.

Useful Words

جنگ : Battle, Conflict, Engagement, Fight : a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war. "Grant won a decisive victory in the battle of Chickamauga".

فوجی کارروائی : Action, Military Action : a military engagement. "He saw action in Korea".

جنگ : Armed Combat, Combat : an engagement fought between two military forces.

فوجی کاروائی میں زخمی ہونا یا مرنا : Casualty : someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement. "One more casualty".

کاروباری ذمہ داری : Commitment : an engagement by contract involving financial obligation. "His business commitments took him to London".

وعدہ : Parole, Word, Word Of Honor : a promise. "He gave his word".

پر امید : Bright, Hopeful, Promising : full or promise. "Had a bright future in publishing".

ضمانت دینا : Guarantee, Undertake : promise to do or accomplish. "Guarantee to free the prisoners".

اجر دینےکا وعدہ : Carrot : promise of reward as in. "Carrot and stick".

عہد کرنا : Vow : make a vow; promise. "PM vows overcoming energy crisis".

کوئی چیز یا عادت ترک کرنے کی قسم کھانا : Swear Off : promise to abstain from. "I have sworn off cigarettes altogether".

وعدہ کرنا : Stipulate : give a guarantee or promise of. "They stipulated to release all the prisoners".

عہد : Pledge, Plight : promise solemnly and formally. "I pledge that I will honor my wife".

حلف اٹھانا : Swear : promise solemnly; take an oath.

وعدہ کرنا : Assure, Promise : make a promise or commitment. "Promise me, you wouldn`t tell anyone".

وعدہ خلافی : Breach Of Promise : failure to keep a promise (of marriage).

عہد کرنے والا : Promiser, Promisor : a person who makes a promise.

اقراری : Promissory : relating to or having the character of a promise. "Promissory note".

جس شخص سے کوئی اقرار یا معاہدہ کیا جائے : Promisee : a person to whom a promise is made.

مقروض : Borrower : someone who receives something on the promise to return it or its equivalent. "A credible borrower".

بات سے پیچھے ہٹنا : Go Back On, Renege, Renege On, Renegue On : fail to fulfill a promise or obligation. "She backed out of her promise".

بیاض : Note, Note Of Hand, Promissory Note : a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time. "I had to co-sign his note at the bank".

بہانہ : Alibi, Exculpation, Excuse, Self-Justification : a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.. "Salman didn`t want to meet Farheen so he made an excuse that I got sick".

بعد کے کسی وقت کے لیے دی گئی دعوت : Rain Check : a promise that an unaccepted offer will be renewed in the future. "Rain check party".

قسم : Oath : a solemn promise, usually invoking a divine witness, regarding your future acts or behavior. "They took an oath of allegiance".

کسی نقصان کے تحفظ کے لیے بیمہ کرانا : Insurance : promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company. "Many banks offer car insurance bike insurance even AC insurance".

شادی کا پیغام دینا : Declare Oneself, Offer, Pop The Question, Propose : ask (someone) to marry you. "He was about to propose her".

پھر سے شادی کرنا : Remarry : marry, not for the first time. "After her divorce, she remarried her high school sweetheart".

کسی عورت سے شادی کرنا : Wive : marry a woman, take a wife.

نکاح نامہ : Marriage Licence, Marriage License, Wedding Licence, Wedding License : a license authorizing two people to marry. "Do you have a wedding license ?".

دوسری نسل میں شادی کرنا : Miscegenate : marry or cohabit with a person of another race.