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ماننا : Manna Meaning in English

Manna Sentences

Manna Synonyms


Manna in Detail

1 of 9) مان لینا قبول کرنا ماننا : Accede Acquiesce Assent : (verb) to agree or express agreement.

2 of 9) ماننا : Recognise Recognize : (verb) show approval or appreciation of.

3 of 9) منظور کرنا ماننا : Allow Grant : (verb) let have.

4 of 9) ماننا رضامندی ظاہر کرنا : Accept Consent Go For : (verb) give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to.

5 of 9) ماننا اطاعت کرنا : Abide By Comply Follow : (verb) act in accordance with someone`s rules, commands, or wishes.

6 of 9) تسلیم کرنا ماننا : Acknowledge Admit : (verb) declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of.

7 of 9) تسلیم کرنا ماننا : Accept : (verb) consider or hold as true.

8 of 9) ماننا : Posit Postulate : (verb) take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom.

9 of 9) ماننا : Accept : (verb) react favorably to; consider right and proper.

Useful Words

پہچاننا : Discern , متفق ہونا : Agree , سلام کرنا : Greet , رضامند ہوجانا : Agree , شکریہ ادا کرنا : Acknowledge , ہم آہنگ ہونا : Accord , سمجھ لینا : Agnise , ہم آہنگ ہونا : Agree , تسلیم کرنا : Acknowledge , تخت وتاج کاوارث بننا : Accede , موزوں ہونا : Agree , تسلیم کرنا : Accede , اعتماد کرنا : Accredit , اتفاق کرنا : Agree , ایک لمبا درخت : Eucalyptus Viminalis , وہ خوراک جو خدا نے بنی اسرائیل کو عطا فرمائی : Manna , غیر متوقع خوشی : Bonanza , اظہار کرنا : Express , ہنسنا : Express Joy , دبا کر نکالنا : Express , ڈاک کا ایک نظام : Pony Express , بندوبست : Agreement , متفقہ : Agreed , معاہدہ : Agreement , کمپنیوں کے الحاق کا معاہدہ : Acquisition Agreement

Useful Words Definitions

Discern: detect with the senses.

Agree: be in accord; be in agreement.

Greet: express greetings upon meeting someone.

Agree: consent or assent to a condition, or agree to do something.

Acknowledge: express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for.

Accord: go together.

Agnise: be fully aware or cognizant of.

Agree: be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics.

Acknowledge: accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority.

Accede: take on duties or office.

Agree: be agreeable or suitable.

Accede: yield to another`s wish or opinion.

Accredit: grant credentials to.

Agree: achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose.

Eucalyptus Viminalis: tall tree yielding a false manna.

Manna: (Old Testament) food that God gave the Israelites during the Exodus.

Bonanza: a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money).

Express: articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise.

Express Joy: produce laughter.

Express: obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action.

Pony Express: express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback; especially between Missouri and California around 1860.

Agreement: the thing arranged or agreed to.

Agreed: united by being of the same opinion.

Agreement: the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises.

Acquisition Agreement: contract governing the merger of two or more companies.

Related Words

مختار بنانا : Attorn , منہا کرنا : Write Off , اختیار کرنا : Adopt , یقین کرنا : Believe , قبول کرنا : Receive , منظور کرنا : Approbate , توثیق کرنا : Assert , رد عمل ظاہر ہونا : React , تسلیم کرنا : Acknowledge , اجازت دینا : Allow , ہار ماننا : Buckle Under , تصدیق کرنا : Sustain , تسلیم کرنا : Concede , اعتراف جرم کرنا : Confess , ڈنکے کی چوٹ ماننا : Avouch , قرار دینا : Adjudge , خدمت کرنا : Accommodate , قدر کرنا : Appreciate , انتخاب کرنا : Adopt , ذمہ داری پوری کرنا : Toe The Line , حکم ماننا : Obey

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