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Mannequin meaning in Urdu

Mannequin Sentences

Mannequin in London mall.
She was too fat to be a mannequin.

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Useful Words

Mock-Up : ماڈل , Flashy : پر نمود , Closet : الماری , Wringer : نچوڑنے والا , Haute Couture : اعلی انداز , Fashionable : رائج الوقت , Hip-Hop : کالے امریکیوں کی ثقافت , Apparel : لباس فراہم کرنا , Change : کپڑے بدلنا , Backpacker : بستہ لے کر چلنے والا , Abradant : چھیلنے کی شئے , Wicket Keeper : وہ جو وکٹ کے پیچھے کھڑا ہو , Sweater Girl : ابھری ہوئی چھاتیوں والی لڑکی , Wearer : پہننے والا , Courting : محبت , Feminine : عورتوں کا , Divorcee : مطلقہ , Antique : دقیانوسی , Mock Up : نمونہ تیار کرنا , Recast : دوبارہ بنانا , Dodo : دقیانوسی شخص , At Large : کھلے بندوں , Fashion Arbiter : نئے فیشن کو متعارف کرنے والا , Aggravatingly : مجموعی طور پر , Causally : موجبانہ , Broadly : کھل کر , Skibob : برف گاڑی , Doll's House : بچوں کے کھیلنے کا گھر , Figure : انسانی جسم کا نمونہ , Pattern : نمونہ , Fogyish : لکیر کا فقیر

Useful Words Definitions

Mock-Up: full-scale working model of something built for study or testing or display.

Flashy: (used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display.

Closet: a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes.

Wringer: a clothes dryer consisting of two rollers between which the wet clothes are squeezed.

Haute Couture: trend-setting fashions.

Fashionable: being or in accordance with current social fashions.

Hip-Hop: an urban youth culture associated with rap music and the fashions of African-American residents of the inner city.

Apparel: provide with clothes or put clothes on.

Change: change clothes; put on different clothes.

Backpacker: a hiker who wears a backpack.

Abradant: a substance that abrades or wears down.

Wicket Keeper: a cricketer who stands behind the wicket and wears gloves.

Sweater Girl: a girl with an attractive bust who wears tight sweaters.

Wearer: a person who wears or carries or displays something as a body covering or accessory.

Courting: a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage).

Feminine: befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman.

Divorcee: a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband.

Antique: out of fashion.

Mock Up: construct a model of.

Recast: cast or model anew.

Dodo: someone whose style is out of fashion.

At Large: in a general fashion.

Fashion Arbiter: someone who popularizes a new fashion.

Aggravatingly: in an aggravating fashion.

Causally: in a causal fashion.

Broadly: in a wide fashion.

Skibob: a vehicle resembling a bicycle but having skis instead of wheels; the rider wears short skis for balancing.

Doll's House: a small model of a house used as a toy by children.

Figure: a model of a bodily form (especially of a person).

Pattern: a model considered worthy of imitation.

Fogyish: (used pejoratively) out of fashion; old fashioned.

Related Words

Dummy : مصنوعی انسانی ڈھانچا , Assistant : مدد گار

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