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مردم شماری : Mardm Shumari Meaning in English

Mardm Shumari in Detail

1) مردم شماری : Census Nose Count Nosecount : (noun) a periodic count of the population.


Useful Words

شمار کنندہ : Census Taker , آبادی : Population , ماہر آبادیات : Demographer , جدولی قانون : Mendeleev's Law , وقفے وقفے سے : Periodic , نا اہل : Good-For-Naught , شمار کرنا : Count , اندازہ لگانا : Calculate , نواب : Count , لوگوں کی تعداد : Head Count , زرگل شمار : Pollen Count , خون کی مکمل گنتی : Blood Profile

Useful Words Definitions

Census Taker: someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes.

Population: the people who inhabit a territory or state.

Demographer: a scientist who studies the growth and density of populations and their vital statistics.

Mendeleev's Law: (chemistry) the principle that chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers.

Periodic: happening or recurring at regular intervals.

Good-For-Naught: without merit.

Count: include as if by counting.

Calculate: judge to be probable.

Count: a nobleman (in various countries) having rank equal to a British earl.

Head Count: number of people in a particular group.

Pollen Count: the number of pollen grains (usually ragweed) in a standard volume of air over a twenty-four hour period and a specified time and place.

Blood Profile: counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood. A CBC is a routine test used for various medical purposes, including general health screenings, diagnosing medical conditions, and monitoring ongoing treatments..

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