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مارک ٹوئن کی تحریر میں ایک شَریر لَڑکے کا کردار : Mark Toen Ki Threer Mein Ek Shareer Larky Ka Kirdar Meaning in English

Mark Toen Ki Threer Mein Ek Shareer Larky Ka Kirdar in Detail


Useful Words

تفریق کرنا : Differentiate , داغ دار بنا دینا : Mark , چیک کا نشان : Check , دھبہ لگانا : Bespot , اولین نشان : Initial , سنگ قبر : Gravestone , حدود متعین کرنا : Delimit , مٹانا : Kill , نقشہ نما : Arrow , نقش کرنا : Impress , دھبہ لگانا : Bespeckle , دہرانے کا نشان جیسے : Ditto , اسٹینسل کے ذریعے چھاپنا : Stencil , داغدار کرنا : Blob , ہجا کا نشان : Acute , تجارتی نشان دینا : Brand , منانا : Commemorate , علامت استعجاب : Exclamation Mark , دستخط کرنا : Sign , نشان لگانا : Mark , پاوں کا نشان : Footmark , نشان لگانے کا عمل : Marking , خاکہ بنانا : Delineate , لکیر : Line , نشان لگانے والا : Marker , سوالیہ نشان : Interrogation Point , نشان : Trail , سرحدی نشان : Landmark , علامت اقتباس : Inverted Comma , حروف علت : Macron , ضرب : Stroke

Useful Words Definitions

Differentiate: mark as different.

Mark: mark with a scar.

Check: put a check mark on or near or next to.

Bespot: mark with, or as if with, spots.

Initial: mark with one's initials.

Gravestone: a stone that is used to mark a grave.

Delimit: set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something.

Kill: mark for deletion, rub off, or erase.

Arrow: a mark to indicate a direction or relation.

Impress: mark or stamp with or as if with pressure.

Bespeckle: mark with small spots.

Ditto: a mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated.

Stencil: mark or print with a stencil.

Blob: make a spot or mark onto.

Acute: a mark (`) placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation.

Brand: mark with a brand or trademark.

Commemorate: mark by some ceremony or observation.

Exclamation Mark: a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation.

Sign: mark with one`s signature; write one`s name (on).

Mark: make or leave a mark on.

Footmark: a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface.

Marking: the act of making a visible mark on a surface.

Delineate: make a mark or lines on a surface.

Line: a mark that is long relative to its width.

Marker: a writing implement for making a mark.

Interrogation Point: a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.

Trail: a track or mark left by something that has passed.

Landmark: a mark showing the boundary of a piece of land.

Inverted Comma: a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else.

Macron: a diacritical mark (-) placed above a vowel to indicate a long sound.

Stroke: a mark made on a surface by a pen, pencil, or paintbrush.

Related Words

خیالی کردار : Character

Close Words

صدر دفتر : Central Office , مارک ٹوئن امریکہ کا لطیفہ گو مصنف : Clemens , مرکزی نغمہ : Idea , مرکز گریز : Centrifugal , مرکز دوست : Centripetal , کمپیوٹر کا مرکزی حصہ : C.P.U. , مرکزہ : Cell Nucleus , مرکزی : Centric , مرکزی فوجی اڈاہ : Headquarters , مرکز کے بغیر خلیہ : Acaryote , مرکوز ہونا : Center

Close Words Definitions

Central Office: (usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise.

Clemens: United States writer and humorist best known for his novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1835-1910).

Idea: (music) melodic subject of a musical composition.

Centrifugal: tending to move away from a center.

Centripetal: tending to move toward a center.

C.P.U.: (computer science) the part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing.

Cell Nucleus: a part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction.

Centric: having or situated at or near a center.

Headquarters: the military installation from which a commander performs the functions of command.

Acaryote: a cell without a nucleus (as an erythrocyte).

Center: center upon.

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