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Marketing meaning in Urdu

Marketing Sentence

Most companies have a manager in charge of marketing.

Marketing Synonyms


Marketing Definitions

1 of 2) Marketing, Merchandising, Selling : خرید و فروخت : (noun) the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money.

2 of 2) Marketing : تشہیر, بازار کاری : (noun) the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service.

Useful Words

Trade : تجارت , Barter : رقم کے بغیر اشیاء کا تبادلہ کرنا , Market Garden : وہ مقام جہاں منڈی کے لیے سبزیاں اگائی ہوں , Commodities Exchange : تجارتی اشیاء کی منڈی , Hawking : فروخت , Vending Machine : بائع مشین , Retail : خوردہ فروشی , Wholesale : تہوک فروشی , Supermarket : کریانے کی ایک بڑی دکان جہاں کریانے کے سامان کے ساتھ اور چیزیں بھی ملتی ہیں , Option : اختیار , Ransom : رقم واپس کر کے بکا ہوا مال لینا , Sell : بیچنا , Break : کھلا کرانا , Cab : کرائے پر چلنے والی موٹر , House Sitter : گھر کی دیکھ بھال کرنے والا , Booty : لوٹا ہوا سامان , Alms : زکات , Expending : اخراجات , Barterer : تبادلہ کنندہ , Raffle : لاٹری , Pawnbroker : گروی رکھنے والا , Marketer : بیچنے والا , Debt : ادھار , Disburser : ادا کرنے والا , Banking : بینکنگ کا پیشہ , Economic Value : مالیت , Account : بل , Cost : لاگت , Wealth : دولت , Bailor : تحویل کنندہ , Exchanger : رقوم کا تبادلہ کرنے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Trade: the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services.

Barter: exchange goods without involving money.

Market Garden: a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for marketing.

Commodities Exchange: an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery.

Hawking: the act of selling goods for a living.

Vending Machine: a slot machine for selling goods.

Retail: the selling of goods to consumers; usually in small quantities and not for resale.

Wholesale: the selling of goods to merchants; usually in large quantities for resale to consumers.

Supermarket: a large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods.

Option: the right to buy or sell property at an agreed price; the right is purchased and if it is not exercised by a stated date the money is forfeited.

Ransom: exchange or buy back for money; under threat.

Sell: exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent.

Break: exchange for smaller units of money.

Cab: a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money.

House Sitter: a custodian who lives in and cares for a house while the regular occupant is away (usually without an exchange of money).

Booty: goods or money obtained illegally.

Alms: money or goods contributed to the poor.

Expending: the act of spending money for goods or services.

Barterer: a trader who exchanges goods and not money.

Raffle: a lottery in which the prizes are goods rather than money.

Pawnbroker: a person who lends money at interest in exchange for personal property that is deposited as security.

Marketer: someone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money.

Debt: money or goods or services owed by one person to another.

Disburser: someone who spends money to purchase goods or services.

Banking: engaging in the business of keeping money for savings and checking accounts or for exchange or for issuing loans and credit etc..

Economic Value: the amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else.

Account: an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered.

Cost: the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor.

Wealth: the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money.

Bailor: the person who delivers personal property (goods or money) in trust to the bailee in a bailment.

Exchanger: one whose business is to exchange the money of one country for that of another country.

Related Words

Bootlegging : نا جائز طریقے سے بیچنا , Commerce : تجارت , Sale : سیل , Packaging : تشہیر

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