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1. Marquise, Marchioness : مارکوئیس کا رتبہ رکھنے والی عورت : (Noun) A noblewoman ranking below a duchess and above a countess.

Lady, Noblewoman, Peeress - a woman of the peerage in Britain.

Above - مذکورہ بالا - an earlier section of a written text; "for instructions refer to the above".

Below - نیچے - at a later place; "see below".

Duchess - جاگیردار کی بیوی - the wife of a duke or a woman holding ducal title in her own right.

Lady, Noblewoman, Peeress - نواب زادی - a woman of the peerage in Britain.

Ranking - اعلی درجے کا - position on a scale in relation to others in a sport.

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