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Masroof Karna : مَصرُوف کرنا

1. Busy, Occupy : مصروف کرنا : Keep busy with.

Qayd Khana - Keep - a cell in a jail or prison; "They were kept in a hold".

Ruzi Roti - Keep - the financial means whereby one lives; "each child was expected to pay for their keep".

Nazar Rakhna - Keep - stick to correctly or closely; "The pianist kept time with the metronome".

Kafalat Karna - Keep - supply with necessities and support; "She alone sustained her family".

Rokna - Keep - hold and prevent from leaving; "The student was kept after school".

Rakhna - Keep - retain possession of; "Keep it with you".

Sambhalna - Keep - look after; be the keeper of; have charge of; "He keeps the shop when I am gone".

Estamal Kay Qab... - Keep - maintain for use and service; "I keep a car in the countryside".

Bachakar Rakhna - Keep - retain rights to; "keep my job for me while I give birth".

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