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مست ہو کر : Mast Ho Kar Meaning in English

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1) مست ہو کر : Abandon Unconstraint Wantonness : (noun) the trait of lacking restraint or control; reckless freedom from inhibition or worry.

Related : Unrestraint : the quality of lacking restraint.

Useful Words

ترک کرنا : Abandon : forsake, leave behind. "We abandoned the old car in the empty parking lot".

مرتد ہوجانا : Apostatise, Apostatize, Tergiversate : abandon one`s beliefs or allegiances. "He apostatized and flee".

ساتھ چھوڑنا : Betray, Fail : disappoint, prove undependable to; abandon, forsake. "His sense of smell failed him this time".

بدل لینا : Change, Shift, Switch : lay aside, abandon, or leave for another. "Switch to a different brand of beer".

قائم رہنا : Hold Firm, Stand Fast, Stand Firm, Stand Pat : refuse to abandon one`s opinion or belief. "Hold firm to virtue".

سدھارنا : Reclaim, Rectify, Reform, Regenerate : bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one. "Reform your conduct".

خوش کرنے والا : Cheering, Comforting, Satisfying : providing freedom from worry.

اطمینان : Comfort : a feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment.

آزادی : Looseness : freedom from restraint. "The flexibility and looseness of the materials from which mythology is made".

ہتھ کڑی : Bond, Hamper, Shackle, Trammel : a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner). "Some of them have been outfitted with shackles".

آزادی : Independence, Independency : freedom from control or influence of another or others.

مزاحمت سے آزادی : Unrestraint : the quality of lacking restraint.

بد تمیز انہ : Imprudent : lacking wise self-restraint. "An imprudent remark".

ہلڑباز : Boisterous, Rambunctious, Robustious, Rumbustious, Unruly : noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline. "A robustious group of kids".

بزدلی : Cowardice, Cowardliness : the trait of lacking courage. "Cowardice is a sin".

غفلت شعاری؛ بے پروائی؛ سہل انگاری : Neglect, Neglectfulness, Negligence : the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern.

سرد مہری : Apathy, Indifference, Numbness, Spiritlessness : the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally.

کم ہمتی : Gutlessness : the trait of lacking courage and determination; fearful of loss or injury. "Gutlessness is a problem".

انسانی حقوق : Human Right : (law) any basic right or freedom to which all human beings are entitled and in whose exercise a government may not interfere (including rights to life and liberty as well as freedom of thought and expression and equality before the law).

جراثیم کی افزائش روکنا : Bacteriostasis : inhibition of the growth of bacteria.

بے پروائی سے گانا : Troll : sing loudly and without inhibition.

بے پروائی سے : Recklessly : in a reckless manner.

بدمعاش : Black Sheep, Scapegrace : a reckless and unprincipled reprobate.

بے سوچے سمجھے : Slam-Bang, Slapdash : in a careless or reckless manner. "The shelves were put up slapdash".

لاپرواہ : Daredevil, Harum-Scarum, Hothead, Lunatic, Madcap, Swashbuckler : a reckless impetuous irresponsible person. "What a hothead may lose".

شرارت : Devilment, Devilry, Deviltry, Mischief, Mischief-Making, Mischievousness, Rascality, Roguery, Roguishness, Shenanigan : reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others. "So, it is your mischief".

لا پروائی سے سڑک پار کرنے والا : Jaywalker : a reckless pedestrian who crosses a street illegally.

شدید حملہ : Aggravated Assault : a reckless attack with intent to injure seriously (as with a deadly weapon).

سفاک : Desperate : (of persons) dangerously reckless or violent as from urgency or despair. "A desperate criminal".

بے فکری : Easygoingness : being without worry or concern.

مسلسل تنگ کرنا : Nag : worry persistently. "Nagging concerns and doubts".

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