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Mateless meaning in Urdu

Mateless Definitions

1) Mateless : بے جوڑی کا, جس کا کوئی اذدواجی رفیق نہ ہو : (satellite adjective) of someone who has no marriage partner.


Useful Words

Better Half : ہم سفر , Married Woman : بیوی , Love Match : پسند کی شادی , Helpmate : ساتھ دینے والا , Copartner : ساجھے دار , Silent Partner : غیر کار گزار شریک , Allen : امریکی مزاحیہ اداکارہ , Conjoin : شادی کرنا , Wed : شادی شدہ , Marriage Offer : رشتے کی پیشکش , Dissolution Of Marriage : تنسیخ نکاح , Affiance : منگنی کرنا , Brother-In-Law : بہنوئی , In-Law : سسرال والے , Stepson : سوتیلا بیٹا , Affine : قرابت دار بوجہ شادی , Misogamy : شادی سے نفرت , Marital : ازدواجی , Marry : شادی کرنا , Bridegroom : دولہا , Stepdaughter : سوتیلی بیٹی , Hymeneal : شادی سے متعلق , Antenuptial : شادی سے قبل , Marriage Of Convenience : ایسی شادی جو کسی قسم کے مالی یا اور فوائد کی خاطر کی گئی ہو , Matrimony : شادی بیاہ کی تقریب , Affinal : شادی سے متعلق , Honeymoon : شادی کے بعد کی چھٹیاں منانا , Divorce : طلاق , Hymen : شادی کا دیوتا , Maiden Name : عورت کا شادی سے پہلے والا نام , Breach Of Promise : وعدہ خلافی

Useful Words Definitions

Better Half: a person`s partner in marriage.

Married Woman: a married woman; a man`s partner in marriage.

Love Match: a marriage for love`s sake; not an arranged marriage.

Helpmate: a helpful partner.

Copartner: a joint partner (as in a business enterprise).

Silent Partner: a partner (who usually provides capital) whose association with the enterprise is not public knowledge.

Allen: United States comedienne remembered as the confused but imperturbable partner of her husband, George Burns (1906-1964).

Conjoin: take someone in marriage .

Wed: having been taken in marriage.

Marriage Offer: an offer of marriage.

Dissolution Of Marriage: an annulment of a marriage.

Affiance: give to in marriage.

Brother-In-Law: a brother by marriage.

In-Law: a relative by marriage.

Stepson: the son your spouse by a former marriage.

Affine: (anthropology) kin by marriage.

Misogamy: hatred of marriage.

Marital: of or relating to the state of marriage.

Marry: perform a marriage ceremony.

Bridegroom: a man participant in his own marriage ceremony.

Stepdaughter: a daughter of your spouse by a former marriage.

Hymeneal: of or relating to a wedding or marriage.

Antenuptial: relating to events before a marriage.

Marriage Of Convenience: a marriage for expediency rather than love.

Matrimony: the ceremony or sacrament of marriage.

Affinal: (anthropology) related by marriage.

Honeymoon: spend a holiday after one`s marriage.

Divorce: the legal dissolution of a marriage.

Hymen: (Greek mythology) the god of marriage.

Maiden Name: a woman`s surname before marriage.

Breach Of Promise: failure to keep a promise (of marriage).

Related Words

Single : کنوارہ