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Matinee meaning in Urdu

Matinee Definitions

1) Matinee : دن کا ڈرامہ, دن کا کھیل : (noun) a theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon).


Useful Words

Act : موزوں اداکاری کرنا , Song And Dance : اسٹیج ڈرامے کا وہ ایکٹ جس کے اندر رقص و سرود دونوں موجود ہوں , Act : مختصر اسٹیج اداکاری , Concert : ناچ گانے کی تقریب , Sea Breeze : سمندری ٹھنڈی ہوا , Vesper : شام کی عبادت خاص کر گرجے میں , Eve : شام , Common Four-O'clock : رنگ برنگی پھولوں والا امریکی پودا , Blue : آسمانی رنگ , Actor : تھیٹر فنکار , Playbill : ایک اعلانچہ , Skit : چٹکلہ , Stagily : تھیٹر کی طرز لیے ھوئے , Company : فنکاروں کا گروہ , Showmanship : ڈرامائی انداز میں پیش کرنے کی صلاحیت , Censoring : احتساب , Ballet : گروہی رقص , House : تھیٹر , Stage Technician : اسٹیج کے کاموں میں حصہ لینے والا , Censor : محتسب , Histrionics : تھیٹر پرفارمنس , Iteration : دہراو , Spectacular : شاندار , Job : کام , Stink : غیر معیاری , Conduct : رہنمائی کرنا , Patchiness : پیوندداری , Mark : بنانا , Adeptness : پھرتی , Drop-Off : گراوٹ , Acting : اداکاری

Useful Words Definitions

Act: be suitable for theatrical performance.

Song And Dance: theatrical performance combining singing and dancing.

Act: a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program.

Concert: a performance of music by players or singers not involving theatrical staging.

Sea Breeze: a cooling breeze from the sea (during the daytime).

Vesper: a late afternoon or evening worship service.

Eve: the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall).

Common Four-O'clock: common garden plant of North America having fragrant red or purple or yellow or white flowers that open in late afternoon.

Blue: blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime.

Actor: a theatrical performer.

Playbill: a theatrical program.

Skit: a short theatrical episode.

Stagily: in a stagy and theatrical manner.

Company: organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical).

Showmanship: the ability to present something (especially theatrical shows) in an attractive manner.

Censoring: deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances.

Ballet: a theatrical representation of a story that is performed to music by trained dancers.

House: a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented.

Stage Technician: an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production.

Censor: a person who is authorized to read publications or correspondence or to watch theatrical performances and suppress in whole or in part anything considered obscene or politically unacceptable.

Histrionics: a performance of a play.

Iteration: doing or saying again; a repeated performance.

Spectacular: a lavishly produced performance.

Job: the performance of a piece of work.

Stink: be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance.

Conduct: lead musicians in the performance of.

Patchiness: unevenness in quality or performance.

Mark: establish as the highest level or best performance.

Adeptness: skillful performance or ability without difficulty.

Drop-Off: a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality.

Acting: the performance of a part or role in a drama.

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