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Matlab Parasti : مَطلَب پَرَستی

1. Selfishness : مطلب پرستی - خود غرضی : (noun) stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others.

Eraz, Sarf Nazar : Disregard : willful lack of care and attention.

Samaji Bhebood, Wazifa : Welfare : governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need. "She lives on welfare"

Bakhl, Kanjusi : Stinginess : a lack of generosity; a general unwillingness to part with money. "This is not stinginess in the conventional sense"

Faida, Nafa : Welfare : something that aids or promotes well-being. "The benefits of being married"

Taluq : Concern : something that interests you because it is important or affects you. "Any concern with you ?"

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