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1) Max Beerbohm, Beerbohm, Sir Henry Maxmilian Beerbohm : امریکی مصنف : (noun) English writer and caricaturist (1872-1956).

Related : Caricaturist : someone who parodies in an exaggerated manner. Writer : writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay).

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A. A. Milne, Alan Alexander Milne, Milne : انگریز مصنف : English writer of stories for children (1882-1956).

House Of Tudor, Tudor : تدوری سلطنت : an English dynasty descended from Henry Tudor; Tudor monarchs ruled from Henry VII to Elizabeth I (from 1485 to 1603).

Harry Hotspur, Hotspur, Percy, Sir Henry Percy : انگریز باغی فوجی : English soldier killed in a rebellion against Henry IV (1364-1403).

Belloc, Hilaire Belloc, Joseph Hilaire Peter Belloc : انگریز مصنف : English author (born in France) remembered especially for his verse for children (1870-1953).

Agincourt : فرانس کی لڑائی : a battle in northern France in which English longbowmen under Henry V decisively defeated a much larger French army in 1415.

Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf, Virginia Woolf, Woolf : انگریز مصنف : English author whose work used such techniques as stream of consciousness and the interior monologue; prominent member of the Bloomsbury Group (1882-1941).

Henry's Law : ہنری کا قانون : (chemistry) law formulated by the English chemist William Henry; the amount of a gas that will be absorbed by water increases as the gas pressure increases.

Israel Zangwill, Zangwill : انگریز مصنف : English writer (1864-1926).

A. E. W. Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley Mason, Mason : انگریز مصنف : English writer (1865-1948).

Anthony Trollope, Trollope : برطانوی مصنف : English writer of novels (1815-1882).

Hans Holbein, Holbein, Holbein The Younger : ہولبن جرمن پینڑر : German painter and engraver noted for his portraits; he was commissioned by Henry VIII to provide portraits of the English king`s prospective brides (1497-1543).

Scholiast : حاشیہ نگار : a scholar who writes explanatory notes on an author (especially an ancient commentator on a classical author).

Fourth Earl Of Orford, Horace Walpole, Horatio Walpole, Walpole : انگریز مصنف : English writer and historian; son of Sir Robert Walpole (1717-1797).

Agatha Christie, Christie, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie : کرسٹی انگریز مصنف : prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976).

Maugham, Somerset Maugham, W. Somerset Maugham, William Somerset Maugham : انگریز مصنف : English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965).

Hoffmann, Josef Hoffmann : آسٹرین معمار : Austrian architect known for his use of rectilinear units (1870-1956).

Greeley, Horace Greeley : امریکی صحافی گریلے : United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872).

Republic Of The Sudan, Soudan, Sudan : سوڈان : a republic in northeastern Africa on the Red Sea; achieved independence from Egypt and the United Kingdom in 1956.

Aaron Montgomery Ward, Montgomery Ward, Ward : امریکی تاجر : United States businessman who in 1872 established a successful mail-order business (1843-1913).

Sir Thomas Wyat, Sir Thomas Wyatt, Wyat, Wyatt : انگریز نظم نگار : English poet who introduced the sonnet form to English literature (1503-1542).

Author : تخلیق کرنا : be the author of. "She authored this play".

Abhenry : امالیت : a unit of inductance equal to one billionth of a henry.

Millihenry : امالیت کی اکائی : a unit of inductance equal to one thousandth of a henry.

Auctorial, Authorial : مصنف کی جانب سے : of or by or typical of an author. "Authorial comments".

Nom De Plume, Pen Name : تصنیفی نام : an author's pseudonym.

Authoress : مصنفہ : a woman author.

Co-Author : مخلوط مصنف ہونا : be a co-author on (a book, a paper).

Autographic : ہاتھ سے لکھی تحریر کا : written in the author's own handwriting.

Immortal : لافانی : a person (such as an author) of enduring fame. "Shakespeare is one of the immortals".

Memoir : سوانح : an account of the author's personal experiences.

Aesop : یونانی مصنف : Greek author of fables (circa 620-560 BC).

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