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1. اوپر والی ڈاڑھ Uper Wali Darh : Maxillary Canine : (noun) The third tooth from the midline located laterally from both maxillary lateral incisors of the mouth.

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Useful Words

Both : دونوں Dono : (used with count nouns) two considered together; the two. "What`s happened to both of you?"

Incisor : سامنے کا دانت جو کاٹنے کے لیے استعمال ہوتا ہے Samnay Ka Dant Jo Katnay Kay Liye Estamal Hota Hai : a tooth for cutting or gnawing; located in the front of the mouth in both jaws.

Lateral Sidelong : پہلو کا Pehlu Ka : situated at or extending to the side. "The lateral branches of a tree"

Laterally : پہلو سے Pehlu Se : in a lateral direction or location. "The body is spindle-shaped and only slightly compressed laterally"

Located Placed Set Situated : واقع Waqe : situated in a particular spot or position. "Valuable centrally located urban land"

Maxillary : جبڑے کے متعلق Jabray Kay Mutaliq : of or relating to the upper jaw.

Midline Midplane : خط توازن Khat Tawazun : the median plane of the body (or some part of the body).

Mouth Oral Cavity Oral Fissure Rima Oris : منہ Muh : the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge. "More mouths will have more talks"

Third Thirdly : تیسری جگہ Teesri Jaga : in the third place. "Third we must consider unemployment"

Tooth : دانت Dant : hard bonelike structures in the jaws of vertebrates; used for biting and chewing or for attack and defense. "When do babies get teeth?"

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