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1) May : مئی, سال کا پانچواں مہینہ : (noun) the month following April and preceding June.

Since May.
On 16 May 1995, Imran Khan married Jemima Goldsmith.

Related : May Day : observed in many countries to celebrate the coming of spring; observed in Russia and related countries in honor of labor. May 24 : British, anniversary of Queen Victoria`s birth.


Useful Words

Apr, April : اپریل : the month following March and preceding May. "It will be April 14 tomorrow".

Following, Next : اگلا : immediately following in time or order. "The following day".

June : جون : the month following May and preceding July.

Calendar Month, Month : ماہ : one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year. "This is the month of patience".

Preceding : پہلے ہونے والا : existing or coming before.

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