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Mayaar Se Kam Reh Jana : معیار سے کم رہ جانا

1. Come Short, Fall Short : معیار سے کم رہ جانا - ہدف تک نا پہنچ سکنا : (verb) fail to meet (expectations or standards).

Kasuti : Standard : the ideal in terms of which something can be judged. "They live by the standards of their community"

Tawaqo : Expectation : belief about (or mental picture of) the future.

Hisabi Ausat : Expectation : the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values.

Kasuti, Mayaar : Standard : a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated. "The schools comply with federal standards"

Imkan : Expectation : the feeling that something is about to happen.

Umeed : Expectation : anticipating with confidence of fulfillment. "He waited with great anticipation for wedding to arrive"

Kharaab Hona : Fail : get worse. "Her health is declining"

Kharaab Ho Jana : Fail : stop operating or functioning. "The car has broken down again"

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