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مزَاحیہ اداکار عَورَت : Mazahia Adakar Aurat Meaning in English

Mazahia Adakar Aurat in Detail

1) مزاحیہ اداکار عورت : Comedienne : (noun) a female actor in a comedy.


Useful Words

مزاحیہ اداکار : Comedian , عورت فنکار : Actress , گندا مذاق : Dark Comedy , امریکی مزاحیہ اداکارہ : Allen , مادر سرانہ نظام : Matriarchate , مزاحیہ : Amusing , سنجیدہ مذاق : Seriocomedy , اعلی طنز و مزح : High Comedy , شیخی باز فوجی کا معیاری کردار : Miles Gloriosus , گانے کے بول : Language , مزاحیہ ڈرامہ : Farce , ثلائیہ : Thalia , تماشہ : Slapstick , ہنسانے والا : Comedian , عظیم خاتون گاہک : Diva , ہرنی : Hind , کردار : Character , نقل اتارنے والا : Mimic , اداکار کی الماری : Actor's Assistant , اداکار کا ساتھی : Actor's Agent , غلطی : Fluff , غمگین کردار ادا کرنے والا اداکار : Tragedian , فلم میں اداکاری کے لئے اداکاروں کا امتحان : Screen Test , فلم میں کردار ادا کرنے والا فنکار : Movie Actor , اہم ترین کردار ادا کرنے والا : Lead , قائم مقامی کی تربیت لینا : Standby , خاموش اداکار : Mime , بڑا مرکزی مردانہ کردار ادا کرنے والا اداکار : Leading Man , ناجائز فعل : Malpractice , جاری رہنے والا : Active , امریکی فلم ساز : Allen

Useful Words Definitions

Comedian: an actor in a comedy.

Actress: a female actor.

Dark Comedy: a comedy characterized by grim or satiric humor; a comedy having gloomy or disturbing elements.

Allen: United States comedienne remembered as the confused but imperturbable partner of her husband, George Burns (1906-1964).

Matriarchate: a form of social organization in which a female is the family head and title is traced through the female line.

Amusing: relating to laughter and comedy.

Seriocomedy: a comedy with serious elements or overtones.

High Comedy: a sophisticated comedy; often satirizing genteel society.

Miles Gloriosus: a braggart soldier (a stock figure in comedy).

Language: the text of a popular song or musical-comedy number.

Farce: a comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations.

Thalia: (Greek mythology) the Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry.

Slapstick: a boisterous comedy with chases and collisions and practical jokes.

Comedian: a professional person who makes people laugh by jokes and comedy.

Diva: a distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star.

Hind: a female deer, especially an adult female red deer.

Character: an actor`s portrayal of someone in a play.

Mimic: someone who mimics (especially an actor or actress).

Actor's Assistant: a wardrobe assistant for an actor.

Actor's Agent: a business agent for an actor.

Fluff: a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines).

Tragedian: an actor who specializes in tragic roles.

Screen Test: a filmed audition of an actor or actress.

Movie Actor: an actor who plays a role in a film.

Lead: an actor who plays a principal role.

Standby: an actor able to replace a regular performer when required.

Mime: an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression.

Leading Man: actor who plays the leading male role.

Malpractice: a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do; improper professional conduct.

Active: expressing that the subject of the sentence has the semantic function of actor:.

Allen: United States filmmaker and comic actor (1935-).

Close Words

کارٹون کہانی : Cartoon Strip , مزاحیہ : Funny , مزاحیہ نقل : Burlesque , مذاقا : Jesting , مزاحیہ موسیقی : Musical , مزاحیہ : Humorous , بے آواز تماشا جو اشارے کی مدد سے کیا جائے : Dumb Show , مزاحیہ انداز سے : Hilariously , مزاحیہ کردار : Top Banana , مزاحیہ فلم یا ڈرامہ : Comedy , مزاحیہ نقل : Mockery

Close Words Definitions

Cartoon Strip: a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book.

Funny: an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line).

Burlesque: a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody`s style, usually in a humorous way.

Jesting: characterized by jokes and good humor.

Musical: a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing.

Humorous: full of or characterized by humor.

Dumb Show: a performance using gestures and body movements without words.

Hilariously: in a hilarious manner.

Top Banana: the leading comedian in a burlesque show.

Comedy: light and humorous drama with a happy ending.

Mockery: humorous or satirical mimicry.

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