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مزدور طبقہ : Mazdor Tabqa Meaning in English

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1 of 3) مزدور طبقہ مزدور پیشہ طبقہ طبقہ عوام : Labor Labour Proletariat Working Class : (noun) a social class comprising those who do manual labor or work for wages.

2 of 3) مزدور طبْقہ : Wage-Earning Working-Class : (satellite adjective) working for hourly wages rather than fixed (e.g. annual) salaries.

3 of 3) مزدور طبقہ : Blue-Collar Propertyless Wage-Earning Working-Class : (satellite adjective) of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers.

Useful Words

سالانہ : Annual : completing its life cycle within a year. "A border of annual flowering plants".

گروہ : Category : a collection of things sharing a common attribute. "There are two classes of detergents".

کرنا : Do : carry out or perform an action. "I did it in a flash".

مشرقی سمت : Due East : the cardinal compass point that is at 90 degrees.

سخت : Fixed : fixed and unmoving. "With eyes set in a fixed glassy stare".

وزن : G : a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram. "1000 gram is eqal to 1 kg".

گھنٹہ وار : Hourly : occurring every hour or payable by the hour. "Hourly chimes".

محنت مشقت : Labor : productive work (especially physical work done for wages). "His labor did not require a great deal of skill".

کتابچہ : Manual : a small handbook.

بلکہ : Instead : on the contrary. "Rather than disappoint the children, he did two quick tricks before he left".

تنخواہ : Earnings : something that remunerates. "They fired him from the company without paying his 2 months wage".

سماجی : Social : relating to human society and its members. "Take care of social distance to avoid coronavirus".

سے : Than : Used for comparison. "She is a better than I".

جاری رکھنا جنگ وغیرہ : Engage : carry on (wars, battles, or campaigns). "Napoleon and Hitler waged war against all of Europe".

کام کرنا : Do Work : be employed. "Where have you been working before?".

چلتی ہوئی : Functional : (of e.g. a machine) performing or capable of performing. "AC is not working, isn`t it?".

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