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Md Muqabal : مَد مُقابِل

1. Challenger, Competition, Competitor, Contender, Rival : حریف - مد مقابل - للکارنے والا : (noun) the contestant you hope to defeat.

Shikast, Nakami, Haar : Defeat : an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest. "He doesn`t acknowledge defeat"

Umeed, Aas : Hope : a specific instance of feeling hopeful. "He is hoping"

Nakami, Mayoosi : Defeat : the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals.

Pur Umeed : Hope : the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled. "In spite of his troubles he never gave up hope"

Muqably Men His... : Contestant : a person who participates in competitions.

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