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Medieval Schoolman meaning in Urdu

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1) Medieval Schoolman, Schoolman : عالم, فاضل : (noun) a scholar in one of the universities of the Middle Ages; versed in scholasticism.


Useful Words

Maimonides : ہسپانوی فلسفی , Jurist : ماہر قانون , Sackbut : ایک آلہ موسیقی , Heaume : قدیم ہیلمٹ , Cuirass : زرہ , Man-At-Arms : سپاہی , Miracle Play : انجیل کے واقعات کے بارے میں , Falchion : چھوٹی تلوار , Wimple : خواتین کا سر ڈھانپنے کا کپڑا , Stubbs : انگریز تاریخ دان , Page : خادم , Scholasticism : فلسفیانہ نظام , Chagatai : ایک بولی , Pike : نیزہ , Mediaeval : پانچ سے پندرویں صدی کا , Modern : جدید , Gothic : قرون وسطی کا , Phlegm : بلغم , Machicolation : فن تعمیر , Cockaigne : خیالی جنت , Chivalric : قرون وسطی , Kirtle : مردوں کا ایک لباس , Camise : قمیض , Fool : مسخرہ , Helot : غلام , Aelius Donatus : رومی زبان دان , Scholastic : فلسفیانہ , Docent : استاد جامعہ , Well-Read : عالم , Occultist : علم غیب کا ماننے والا , Pomologist : ماہر ثمریات

Useful Words Definitions

Maimonides: Spanish philosopher considered the greatest Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages who codified Jewish law in the Talmud (1135-1204).

Jurist: a legal scholar versed in civil law or the law of nations.

Sackbut: a medieval musical instrument resembling a trombone.

Heaume: a large medieval helmet supported on the shoulders.

Cuirass: medieval body armor that covers the chest and back.

Man-At-Arms: a heavily armed and mounted soldier in medieval times.

Miracle Play: a medieval play representing episodes from the life of a saint or martyr.

Falchion: a short broad slightly convex medieval sword with a sharp point.

Wimple: headdress of cloth; worn over the head and around the neck and ears by medieval women.

Stubbs: English historian noted for his constitutional history of medieval England (1825-1901).

Page: in medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood.

Scholasticism: the system of philosophy dominant in medieval Europe; based on Aristotle and the Church Fathers.

Chagatai: a Turkic literary language of medieval central Asia (named for one of the sons of Genghis Khan).

Pike: medieval weapon consisting of a spearhead attached to a long pole or pikestaff; superseded by the bayonet.

Mediaeval: relating to or belonging to the Middle Ages.

Modern: belonging to the modern era; since the Middle Ages.

Gothic: as if belonging to the Middle Ages; old-fashioned and unenlightened.

Phlegm: expectorated matter; saliva mixed with discharges from the respiratory passages; in ancient and medieval physiology it was believed to cause sluggishness.

Machicolation: a projecting parapet supported by corbels on a medieval castle; has openings through which stones or boiling water could be dropped on an enemy.

Cockaigne: (Middle Ages) an imaginary land of luxury and idleness.

Chivalric: characteristic of the time of chivalry and knighthood in the Middle Ages.

Kirtle: a garment resembling a tunic that was worn by men in the Middle Ages.

Camise: a loose shirt or tunic; originally worn in the Middle Ages.

Fool: a professional clown employed to entertain a king or nobleman in the Middle Ages.

Helot: (Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord.

Aelius Donatus: Roman grammarian whose textbook on Latin grammar was used throughout the Middle Ages (fourth century).

Scholastic: of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of scholasticism.

Docent: a teacher at some universities.

Well-Read: well informed or deeply versed through reading.

Occultist: a believer in occultism; someone versed in the occult arts.

Pomologist: someone versed in pomology or someone who cultivates fruit trees.

Related Words

Bookman : عالم

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