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Mendacious   Meaning in Urdu

1. Mendacious : جھوٹا - مکار : given to lying.

A mendacious child.

Untruthful - not expressing or given to expressing the truth.

2. Mendacious : باطل - غلط : intentionally untrue.

A mendacious statement.

False - not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality.

Useful Words

Given - Precondition - Presumption : مفروضہ : an assumption that is taken for granted.

Advisedly - By Choice - By Design - Deliberately - Designedly - Intentionally - On Purpose - Purposely : جان بوجھ کر : with intention; in an intentional manner. "He lied on deliberately"

Fabrication - Lying - Prevarication : جھوٹ بولنا : the deliberate act of deviating from the truth.

False - Untrue : دغا باز : (used especially of persons) not dependable in devotion or affection; unfaithful. "An untrue lover"

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