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Meniscectomy Meaning in Urdu

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1. Meniscectomy : گھتنے کے جوڑ کی ایک ہڈی نکالنا : (noun) surgical removal of the meniscus of the knee.

Ablation, Cutting Out, Excision, Extirpation - surgical removal of a body part or tissue.

Related Words

Meninges - Meninx : سحایا : a membrane (one of 3) that envelops the brain and spinal cord.

Menial : گھریلو ملازم : a domestic servant.

Useful Words

Articulatio Genus - Genu - Human Knee - Knee - Knee Joint : گھٹنا : hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella.

Remotion - Removal : ہٹا دینے کا عمل : the act of removing. "He had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"

Surgical : جراحی سے معتلق : of or relating to or involving or used in surgery. "Surgical instruments"

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