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1 of 2) Meretriciousness, Speciousness : فریب, نمائش, ظاہری صحت : (noun) an appearance of truth that is false or deceptive; seeming plausibility.

Related : Obliquity : the quality of being deceptive.


Useful Words

Appearance, Visual Aspect : حلیا : outward or visible aspect of a person or thing. "Have you seen your appearance?".

Deceptive, Misleading, Shoddy : گمراہ کن : designed to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently. "The deceptive calm in the eye of the storm".

False : باطل : not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality. "Don`t make false statements".

Apparent, Ostensible, Seeming : بظاہر : appearing as such but not necessarily so. "For all his apparent wealth he had no money to pay the rent".

Tasteless : بے ذائقہ : lacking flavor.

Truth : صداقت : a fact that has been verified. "Speak little, but speak the truth".