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Metal Plating Meaning in Urdu

1. Metal Plating - Plating : چاندی کا ایک ہلکا ملمع : (noun) a thin coating of metal deposited on a surface.

Coat, Coating - a thin layer covering something.

Useful Words

Coat - Coating : رنگ و روغن کی تہ : a thin layer covering something. "A second coat of paint"

Metal - Metallic : دھاتی : containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal. "A metallic compound"

Surface : سطح : the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary. "There is a special cleaner for these surfaces"

Lose Weight - Melt Off - Reduce - Slenderize - Slim - Slim Down - Thin : وزن کم کرنا : take off weight. "Losing weight was his compulsion rather than curiosity"