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Midnight Sun  

1. Midnight Sun : نیم سورج : (Noun) The sun visible at midnight (inside the Arctic or Antarctic Circles).

Arctic, Galosh, Golosh, Gumshoe, Rubber - جوتوں کا غلاف کو جوتوں کو پانی وغیرہ سے بچاتا ہے - a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow.

Circle, Rotary, Roundabout, Traffic Circle - چورنگی - a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island; "the accident blocked all traffic at the rotary".

Inside, Interior - اندرونی - the inner or enclosed surface of something.

Midnight - نصف شب - 12 o'clock at night; the middle of the night; "young children should not be allowed to stay up until midnight".

Sun - سورج - the star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system; "The average distance between the Sun and the Earth is about 149,600,000 km".

Seeable, Visible - دیکھنے کے قابل - capable of being seen; or open to easy view; "a visible object".

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