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Midweek meaning in Urdu

Midweek Synonyms

Midweek Definitions

1) Midweek, Wed, Wednesday : بدھ : (noun) the fourth day of the week; the third working day.


Useful Words

Th : جمعرات , Tues : منگل , Mon : پیر , Fri : جمعہ کا دن , Commination : عذاب الہی کی دعا , Each Week : ہر ہفتے , Biweekly : ہفتے میں دو بار , Holy Week : مقدس ہفتہ , Week From Monday : ہفتے کا دورانیہ یا زیادہ , 24/7 : ساتوں دن چوبیس گھنٹے , Semiweekly : ہفتے میں دو بار , Dominicus : اتوار , Sabbatum : ہفتہ , Biquadratic : چوتھائی قوت سے متعلق , 3rd : ثلاثی , Biquadratic : چوتھائی ڈگری کا پولینومینل , Biquadratic : چوتھائی ڈگری کی اکویشن , Quartan : معیادی بخار جو چوتھے دن آتا ہو , Biquadrate : چوتھائی ڈگری کی الجبرا سے متعلق اکویشن , 25th : پچیسواں , 5th : پانچواں , 4-Dimensional : چار جہتی , Zakat : زکوة , Abomasal : چوتھے معدے کا , Free-Lance : آزاد پیشہ , Zygodactyl : جفت پنجئہ پرندہ , Abomasum : معدہ چہارم , Heterodactyl : پرندے کا پنجہ , Overwork : بساط سے زیادہ کام , Bad : خراب , Coaction : اشتراک

Useful Words Definitions

Th: the fifth day of the week; the fourth working day.

Tues: the third day of the week; the second working day.

Mon: the second day of the week; the first working day.

Fri: the sixth day of the week; the fifth working day.

Commination: prayers proclaiming God's anger against sinners; read in the Church of England on Ash Wednesday.

Each Week: without missing a week.

Biweekly: occurring twice a week.

Holy Week: the week before Easter.

Week From Monday: a time period of a week or more.

24/7: uptime is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Semiweekly: a periodical that is published twice each week (or 104 issues per year).

Dominicus: first day of the week; observed as a day of rest and worship by most Christians.

Sabbatum: the seventh and last day of the week; observed as the Sabbath by Jews and some Christians.

Biquadratic: of or relating to the fourth power.

3rd: coming next after the second and just before the fourth in position.

Biquadratic: a polynomial of the fourth degree.

Biquadratic: an equation of the fourth degree.

Quartan: a malarial fever that recurs every fourth day.

Biquadrate: an algebraic equation of the fourth degree.

25th: coming next after the twenty-fourth in position.

5th: coming next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position.

4-Dimensional: involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time.

Zakat: the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship.

Abomasal: relating to the abomasum (the fourth compartment of the stomach of ruminants).

Free-Lance: working for yourself.

Zygodactyl: (of bird feet) having the first and fourth toes directed backward the second and third forward.

Abomasum: the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant; the one where digestion takes place.

Heterodactyl: (of bird feet) having the first and second toes directed backward the third and fourth forward.

Overwork: the act of working too much or too long.

Bad: not working properly.

Coaction: act of working jointly.

Related Words

Weekday : ہفتے کا کوئی دن چھٹی کے علاوہ

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