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مِلنے کی جگہ : Milnay Ki Jaga Meaning in English

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Milnay Ki Jaga in Detail

1) ملنے کی جگہ جائے ملاقات : Rendezvous : (noun) a meeting planned at a certain time and place.

Related : Meeting : the social act of assembling for some common purpose. Tryst : a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers).

Useful Words

ملاقات کی جگہ : Rendezvous : a place where people meet. "He was waiting for them at the rendezvous".

ملاقات : Assignation, Tryst : a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers).

رہائشی جائیداد : Housing Estate : a residential area where the houses were all planned and built at the same time.

مقام : Locale, Locus, Venue : the scene of any event or action (especially the place of a meeting). "Venue is not known yet".

خاص کمرہ : Backroom : the meeting place of a group of leaders who make their decisions via private negotiations. "They were in backroom".

تاخیر : Lateness : quality of coming late or later in time.

ابتدائیت : Earliness : quality of coming early or earlier in time.

چوتھا : 4th, Fourth, Quaternary : coming next after the third and just before the fifth in position or time or degree or magnitude. "The quaternary period of geologic time extends from the end of the tertiary period to the present".

دوسرا : 2d, 2nd, Second : coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude. "Second chance".

ٹریفک : Traffic : the aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time. "I stuck in traffic".

مکالماتی نشست : Colloquium : an academic meeting or seminar usually led by a different lecturer and on a different topic at each meeting.

واقع : Event : something that happens at a given place and time. "The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was a great event, there was a chaos everywhere".

المعروف : A.K.A., Alias, Also Known As : as known or named at another time or place. "Mr Smith, alias Mr Lafayette".

التوا : Adjournment : the act of postponing to another time or place.

تہذیب : Civilisation, Civilization, Culture : a particular society at a particular time and place. "Culture of pakistan".

قریب : Close, Near, Nigh : near in time or place or relationship. "Near here".

زمانہ حال : Immediate : of the present time and place. "The immediate revisions".

آج کے بعد : Hereafter : following this in time or order or place; after this. "Hereafter you will no longer receive an allowance".

کہیں جانا : Visit : the act of going to see some person or place or thing for a short time. "He dropped by for a visit".

دور : Apart : separated or at a distance in place or position or time. "These towns are many miles apart".

زرگل شمار : Pollen Count : the number of pollen grains (usually ragweed) in a standard volume of air over a twenty-four hour period and a specified time and place.

دو بدو جنگ کرنا : Pitched Battle : a fierce battle fought in close combat between troops in predetermined positions at a chosen time and place.

فہرست نگاری : Bibliography : a list of writings with time and place of publication (such as the writings of a single author or the works referred to in preparing a document etc.).

ترتیب شدہ : Arranged : planned in advance. "I had an arranged marriage".

منصوبہ : Project, Projection : a planned undertaking.

طے کردہ : Aforethought, Planned, Plotted : planned in advance. "With malice aforethought".

مجوزہ : On : (of events) planned or scheduled. "The picnic is on, rain or shine".

بے ساختہ : Ad-Lib, Spontaneous, Unwritten : said or done without having been planned or written in advance. "He made a few ad-lib remarks".

کم کرنا : Break Off, Break Short, Cut Short : interrupt before its natural or planned end. "We had to cut short our vacation".

فیشن کے مطابق : Fashioned : planned and made or fashioned artistically. "Beautifully fashioned dresses".

آزمائشی منصوبہ : Pilot Program, Pilot Project : activity planned as a test or trial. "They funded a pilot project in six states".

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