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Mincer meaning in Urdu

Mincer Synonym

Mincer Definitions

1) Mincer, Mincing Machine : قیمہ کرنے والا آلہ : (noun) a kitchen utensil that cuts or chops food (especially meat) into small pieces.


Useful Words

Soup : شوربہ , Masher : کچومر نکالنے والا , Mixer : آمیزہ کار , Squeezer : نچوڑنے والی چیز , Cooking Utensil : کھانا پکانے کے آلات , Tea Ball : چائے کا ایک برتن , Bruise : کوٹنا , Scullery : برتن دہونے اور رکھنے کی جگہ , Microwave : ایک چولہا , Grid : سیلاقیں , Kitchen Utensil : باورچی خانے کا سامان , Food Waste : کوڑا کرکٹ , Cooking Stove : چولہا , Galley : ہوائی جہاز وغیرہ کا باورچی خانہ , Griddle : توا , Food Turner : کفگیر نما چمچہ , Mincingly : پر تکلف طور پر , Kitchenette : چھوٹا باورچی خانہ , Venison : ہرن کا گوشت , Dinette : باورچی خانے کے پاس کھانا کھانے کی چھوٹی سی جگہ , Harvester : فصل کاٹنے والی مشین , Studio : فلیٹ گھر , Stew : آب گوشت , Wear Away : چھوٹے ٹکڑوں میں کاٹنا , Shattering : ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنے کا عمل , Crush : ٹکڑے کرنا , Nibble : چھوٹا حصہ کاٹنا یا کترنا , Matchwood : لکڑی کا چھوٹا ٹکڑا , Flake : چھلکے بن کر گرنا , Chicken Mince : مرغی کا قیمہ , Bray : پیسنا

Useful Words Definitions

Soup: liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food.

Masher: a kitchen utensil used for mashing (e.g. potatoes).

Mixer: a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods.

Squeezer: a kitchen utensil for squeezing juice from fruit.

Cooking Utensil: a kitchen utensil made of material that does not melt easily; used for cooking.

Tea Ball: a kitchen utensil consisting of a perforated metal ball for making tea.

Bruise: break up into small pieces for food preparation.

Scullery: a small room (in large old British houses) next to the kitchen; where kitchen utensils are cleaned and kept and other rough household jobs are done.

Microwave: kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food.

Grid: a cooking utensil of parallel metal bars; used to grill fish or meat.

Kitchen Utensil: a utensil used in preparing food.

Food Waste: food that is discarded (as from a kitchen).

Cooking Stove: a kitchen appliance used for cooking food.

Galley: the kitchen area for food preparation on an airliner.

Griddle: cooking utensil consisting of a flat heated surface (as on top of a stove) on which food is cooked.

Food Turner: cooking utensil having a flat flexible part and a long handle; used for turning or serving food.

Mincingly: in a mincing manner.

Kitchenette: small kitchen.

Venison: meat from a deer used as food.

Dinette: a small area off of a kitchen that is used for dining.

Harvester: farm machine that gathers a food crop from the fields.

Studio: an apartment with a living space and a bathroom and a small kitchen.

Stew: food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables.

Wear Away: cut away in small pieces.

Shattering: the act of breaking something into small pieces.

Crush: break into small pieces.

Nibble: bite off very small pieces.

Matchwood: wood in small pieces or splinters.

Flake: come off in flakes or thin small pieces.

Chicken Mince: chopped chicken into small pieces.

Bray: reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading.