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Mine   Meaning in Urdu

1. Mine : کان : (noun) excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted.

Adit - a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine.

2. Mine : زمین کھود کر حاصل کرنا : (verb) get from the earth by excavation.

Mine ores and metals.

Exploit, Tap - draw from; make good use of.

3. Mine : بارودی سرنگ : (noun) explosive device that explodes on contact; designed to destroy vehicles or ships or to kill or maim personnel.

4. Mine : بارودی سرنگیں بچھانا : (verb) lay mines.

The Vietnamese mined Cambodia.

Reenforce, Reinforce - make stronger.

Mine in Book Titles

Mine Health and Safety Management.
Mine Water Hydrogeology and Geochemistry.

Useful Words

Earth - Globe - World : دنیا : the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on. "Ramazan around the world"

Dig - Digging - Excavation : کھدائی : the act of digging. "There`s an interesting excavation going on near Princeton"

Catch - Get : سمجھنا : grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of. "Got something ?"

Mineral : معدن سے متعلق : relating to minerals. "Mineral elements"

Ore : کچی دھات : a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined.

Which : کونسا : interrogatively. "Which matter?"