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Mobile Canteen Meaning in Urdu

1. Mobile Canteen - Canteen : سپاہی ہوٹل : (noun) a restaurant outside; often for soldiers or policemen.

Eatery, Eating House, Eating Place, Restaurant - a building where people go to eat.

Useful Words

Frequently - Oft - Often - Oftentimes - Ofttimes : اکثر : many times at short intervals. "As often happens"

Exterior - Outside : باہر کی طرف : the region that is outside of something. "I sat outside"

Eatery - Eating House - Eating Place - Restaurant : ہوٹل : a building where people go to eat.

Soldier : سپاہی : an enlisted man or woman who serves in an army. "The soldiers stood at attention"

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