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1) Mount Vesuvius, Mt. Vesuvius, Vesuvius : جنوب مغربی اٹلی میں واقع آتش فشاں : (noun) a volcano in southwestern Italy on the Mediterranean coast; a Plinian eruption in 79 AD buried Pompeii and killed Pliny the Elder; last erupted in 1944.


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Acragas : اٹلی کا قصبہ , Remount : دوبارہ چڑھنا , Gospel According To Matthew : انجیل متی , High Sierra : کیلیفورنیا کی پہاڑیاں , Canaan : ارض مقدسہ , Herculaneum : تباہ شدہ رومی شہر , Moses : حضرت موسی علیہ السلام , Edmund Hillary : نیوزی لینڈ کا کوہ پیما , Denali National Park : امریکا میں واقع ایک پارک , Adriatic : بحر ایڈریاٹک , Aegadean Islands : اٹلی کے جزائر , African Daisy : افریقی بوٹی , Israel : اسرائیل , Hoek Van Holland : ہالینڈ کا قصبہ , Chicago : امریکہ کا شہر شکاگو , Hiroshima : ہیروشیما , Gawadar : گوادر , Gwadar : گوادر , Efflorescence : جلد کی رگڑ , Digging Up : قبر کہود کر نکالنے کا عمل , Casket : تابوت , Alosa Sapidissima : امریکی شد مچھلی , Dentition : دانت نکلنے کا زمانہ , Funeral : جنازہ , Epitaph : قبر کا کتبہ , Tsunami : سمندری زلزلے سے ابھرنے والی بہت بڑی لہر , Dwarf : ایک فرضی بونا جو زیر زمین خزانوں کا محافظ مانا جاتا ہے , Aaron : ہارون علیہ السلام , Crater : آتش فشاں کا دہانہ , George Lucas : امریکی فلم ساز , Discoid Lupus Erythematosus : ٹکیہ جیسی سرخی والی جلد کی مخصوص حالت

Useful Words Definitions

Acragas: a town in Italy in southwestern Sicily near the coast; the site of six Greek temples.

Remount: mount again.

Gospel According To Matthew: one of the Gospels in the New Testament; includes the Sermon on the Mount.

High Sierra: a mountain range in eastern California; contains Mount Whitney.

Canaan: an ancient country in southwestern Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea; a place of pilgrimage for Christianity and Islam and Judaism.

Herculaneum: an ancient Roman town; now destroyed by volcano`s eruption.

Moses: (Old Testament) the Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites from Egypt across the Red sea on a journey known as the Exodus; Moses received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai.

Edmund Hillary: New Zealand mountaineer who in 1953 first attained the summit of Mount Everest with his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay (born in 1919).

Denali National Park: a large national park in Alaska having peaks of the Alaska Range (including Mount McKinley) and the huge Denali fault.

Adriatic: an arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the west.

Aegadean Islands: a group of islands off the west coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean.

African Daisy: shrub of southwestern Mediterranean region having yellow daisylike flowers.

Israel: Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine.

Hoek Van Holland: a cape on the southwestern coast of the Netherlands near Rotterdam.

Chicago: The most populous city in Illinois; a vibrant metropolis with a thriving Great Lakes harbor spanning 26 miles along the southwestern coast of Lake Michigan.

Hiroshima: a port city on the southwestern coast of Honshu in Japan; on August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was almost completely destroyed by the first atomic bomb dropped on a populated area.

Gawadar: Gwadar is a port city of Balochistan located at the southwestern coast of Balochistan Pakistan.

Gwadar: Gwadar is a port city of Balochistan located near southwestern coast of Balochistan Pakistan..

Efflorescence: any red eruption of the skin.

Digging Up: the act of digging something out of the ground (especially a corpse) where it has been buried.

Casket: wooden box in which a dead body is buried.

Alosa Sapidissima: shad of Atlantic coast of North America; naturalized to Pacific coast.

Dentition: the eruption through the gums of baby teeth.

Funeral: a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated.

Epitaph: an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there.

Tsunami: a cataclysm resulting from a destructive sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Dwarf: a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure.

Aaron: (Old Testament) elder brother of Moses and first high priest of the Israelites; created the golden calf.

Crater: a bowl-shaped geological formation at the top of a volcano.

George Lucas: United States screenwriter and filmmaker (born in 1944).

Discoid Lupus Erythematosus: a chronic skin disease occurring primarily in women between the ages of 20 and 40; characterized by an eruption of red lesions over the cheeks and bridge of the nose.

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Volcano : آتش فشاں

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