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مخالف : Mukhalif Meaning in English

Mukhalif Sentence

Mukhalif Synonyms


Mukhalif in Detail

1 of 12) مخالف خلاف : Against : (adjective) Contrary to; opposed to.

2 of 12) مخالف : Antipathetic Antipathetical Averse Indisposed Loath Loth : (satellite adjective) (usually followed by `to`) strongly opposed.

3 of 12) مخالف منحرف اختلاف رائے رکھنے والا : Contestant Dissenter Dissident Objector Protester : (noun) a person who dissents from some established policy.

4 of 12) مخالف الٹ استرداد : Reversal : (noun) a change from one state to the opposite state.

5 of 12) دشمن مخالف : Anti : (noun) a person who is opposed (to an action or policy or practice etc.).

6 of 12) مخالف حریف : Adversary Antagonist Opponent Opposer Resister : (noun) someone who offers opposition.

7 of 12) مخالف ناموافق : Adverse Inauspicious Untoward : (satellite adjective) contrary to your interests or welfare.

8 of 12) مخالف : Contrastive Incompatible : (satellite adjective) of words so related that one contrasts with the other.

9 of 12) مخالف الٹ : Contrast Direct Contrast : (noun) the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared.

10 of 12) مخالف : Conflicting : (satellite adjective) on bad terms.

11 of 12) مخالف : Hostile Uncongenial Unfriendly : (satellite adjective) very unfavorable to life or growth.

12 of 12) مخالف : Repellant Repellent : (noun) the power to repel.

Useful Words

خلاف : Contrary : very opposed in nature or character or purpose. "Acts contrary to our code of ethics".

مضبوطی سے : Strongly : with strength or in a strong manner. "Before Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, everyone strongly agreed that he should come, but as soon as be came, the country`s condition got worsen".

عام طور پر : Commonly : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late".

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