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مقدس ہفتہ : Muqadas Hafta Meaning in English

Muqadas Hafta in Sentences

Holy Week is the week which precedes the festival of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.
Many Christians in the United States observe Holy Saturday, which falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Muqadas Hafta in Detail

1 of 2) مقدس ہفتہ : Holy Week Passion Week : (noun) the week before Easter.


2 of 2) مقدس ہفتہ : Holy Saturday : (noun) the Saturday before Easter; the last day of Lent.

Useful Words

منگل : Tues , ہفتے میں دو بار : Biweekly , ہر ہفتے : Each Week , پیر : Mon , جمعہ کا دن : Fri , جمعرات : Th , بدھ : Midweek , ہفتے کا دورانیہ یا زیادہ : Week From Monday , ساتوں دن چوبیس گھنٹے : 24/7 , اتوار : Dominicus , ہفتے میں دو بار : Semiweekly , ہفتہ : Sabbatum , ایسٹر کے بعد ساتویں اتوار کو ایک مسیحی تہوار جس میں حواریوں پر روح القدس کے نازل ہونے کی یاد منائی جاتی ہے : Pentecost , لوٹ آنے والا بخار : Recurrent Fever , ایسٹر سے پہلے کا اتوار : Palm Sunday , ایسٹر کا دور : Eastertide , ایسٹر کی دعوت سے متعلق : Paschal , آگاہی : Agrypnia , مقدس جمعرات : Holy Thursday , جھالردار پھولوں والا آرائشی پودا : Common Laburnum , تقدس : Holiness , صلیبی جنگ لڑنے والا : Crusader , ہندو راہب : Saddhu , صلیبی جنگ لڑنا : Crusade , تہوار کا دن : High Holiday , غیر مقدس : Profane , سال کی چوتھائی عرصے کو ظاہر کرنے والےچار دنوں میں سے کوئی ایک : Quarter Day , رومی شہنشاہ : Holy Roman Emperor , تحریم : Sanctification , عید : Eid , روح القدس کی تخلیق : Emanation

Useful Words Definitions

Tues: the third day of the week; the second working day.

Biweekly: occurring twice a week.

Each Week: without missing a week.

Mon: the second day of the week; the first working day.

Fri: the sixth day of the week; the fifth working day.

Th: the fifth day of the week; the fourth working day.

Midweek: the fourth day of the week; the third working day.

Week From Monday: a time period of a week or more.

24/7: uptime is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Dominicus: first day of the week; observed as a day of rest and worship by most Christians.

Semiweekly: a periodical that is published twice each week (or 104 issues per year).

Sabbatum: the seventh and last day of the week; observed as the Sabbath by Jews and some Christians.

Pentecost: seventh Sunday after Easter; commemorates the emanation of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles; a quarter day in Scotland.

Recurrent Fever: marked by recurring high fever and transmitted by the bite of infected lice or ticks; characterized by episodes of high fever and chills and headache and muscle pain and nausea that recur every week or ten days for several months.

Palm Sunday: Sunday before Easter.

Eastertide: the Easter season.

Paschal: of or relating to Passover or Easter.

Agrypnia: a vigil before certain feasts (as e.g. Easter).

Holy Thursday: the Thursday before Easter; commemorates the Last Supper.

Common Laburnum: an ornamental shrub or tree of the genus Laburnum; often cultivated for Easter decorations.

Holiness: the quality of being holy.

Crusader: a warrior who engages in a holy war.

Saddhu: (Hinduism) an ascetic holy man.

Crusade: go on a crusade; fight a holy war.

High Holiday: Holy days observed with particular solemnity.

Profane: not holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled.

Quarter Day: a Christian holy day; one of four specified days when certain payments are due.

Holy Roman Emperor: sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire.

Sanctification: a religious ceremony in which something is made holy.

Eid: Muslim festival after holy month Ramazan.

Emanation: (theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Related Words

ہفتہ : Hebdomad

Close Words

مقدس مقامات کا مسافر : Pilgrim , منور : Canonised , مقدس مقام : Sanctum , مقدس دن : Holy Day , مقدس رسم کا : Sacramental , مقدس جگہ : Holy , ولایت : Canonisation , پاک کردہ : Hallowed , مقدس قبر : Holy Sepulcher , مقدس تیل : Chrism , مقدس مقام : Sanctuary

Close Words Definitions

Pilgrim: someone who journeys to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion.

Canonised: accorded sacrosanct or authoritative standing.

Sanctum: a place of inviolable privacy.

Holy Day: a day specified for religious observance.

Sacramental: of or relating to or involving a sacrament.

Holy: a sacred place of pilgrimage.

Canonisation: (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church) the act of admitting a deceased person into the canon of saints.

Hallowed: worthy of religious veneration.

Holy Sepulcher: the sepulcher in which Christ`s body lay between burial and resurrection.

Chrism: Holy oil typically refers to an anointing oil used in religious rituals and ceremonies. It may be consecrated or blessed and holds symbolic significance in various religious traditions for spiritual purposes..

Sanctuary: a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept.

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