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مصنف : Musannif Meaning in English

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Musannif in Detail

1 of 3) مصنف : Author Writer : (noun) writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay).

Related : Communicator : a person who communicates with others. Abstractor : one who makes abstracts or summarizes information. Authoress : a woman author.


2 of 3) مصنف کاتب صحافی : Penman Scribbler Scribe : (noun) informal terms for journalists.

Related : Journalist : a writer for newspapers and magazines.

3 of 3) مصنف لکھنے والا : Writer : (noun) a person who is able to write and has written something.

Related : Journalist : someone who keeps a diary or journal. Literate Person : a person who can read and write. Scribbler : a writer whose handwriting is careless and hard to read.

Useful Words

مراسلہ نگار : Correspondent, Letter Writer : someone who communicates by means of letters.

اجرتی مصنف : Space Writer : a writer paid by the area of the copy.

کھلاڑیوں کے بارے میں لکھنے والا : Sports Writer, Sportswriter : a journalist who writes about sports.

تحریر کرنے کی صلاحیت نہ ہونا : Writer's Block : an inability to write. "He had writer's block; the words wouldn't come".

انگریز مصنف : A. A. Milne, Alan Alexander Milne, Milne : English writer of stories for children (1882-1956).

انگریز مصنف : A. E. W. Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley Mason, Mason : English writer (1865-1948).

آئرش مصنف : A.E., George William Russell, Russell : Irish writer whose pen name was A.E. (1867-1935).

آئرش مصنف : Abraham Stoker, Bram Stoker, Stoker : Irish writer of the horror novel about Dracula (1847-1912).

کرسٹی انگریز مصنف : Agatha Christie, Christie, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie : prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976).

سلمان رشدی : Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Rushdie, Salman Rushdie : British writer of novels who was born in India; one of his novels is regarded as blasphemous by Muslims and a fatwa was issued condemning him to death (born in 1947).

امریکی مصنف : Aiken, Conrad Aiken, Conrad Potter Aiken : United States writer (1889-1973).

فرانسیسی شاعر : Alfred De Musset, Louis Charles Alfred De Musset, Musset : French poet and writer (1810-1857).

برطانوی مصنف : Anthony Trollope, Trollope : English writer of novels (1815-1882).

برطانوی مصنف : Arthur Koestler, Koestler : British writer (born in Hungary) who wrote a novel exposing the Stalinist purges during the 1930s (1905-1983).

براکا امریکی مصنف : Baraka, Imamu Amiri Baraka, Leroi Jones : United States writer of poems and plays about racial conflict (born in 1934).

امریکی مصنف : Beerbohm, Max Beerbohm, Sir Henry Maxmilian Beerbohm : English writer and caricaturist (1872-1956).

امریکی مصنف : Ben Hecht, Hecht : United States writer of stories and plays (1894-1946).

جرمن مصنف : Boell, Heinrich Boell, Heinrich Theodor Boell : German novelist and writer of short stories (1917-1985).

اطالوی نول نگار : Calvino, Italo Calvino : Italian writer of novels and short stories (born in Cuba) (1923-1987).

مارک ٹوئن امریکہ کا لطیفہ گو مصنف : Clemens, Mark Twain, Samuel Langhorne Clemens : United States writer and humorist best known for his novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1835-1910).

شریک مصنف : Coauthor, Joint Author : a writer who collaborates with others in writing something.

مبصر : Commentator, Reviewer : a writer who reports and analyzes events of the day.

مضمون نگار جو کسی اخبار وغیرہ کے لئے کام کرے : Contributor : a writer whose work is published in a newspaper or magazine or as part of a book.

امریکی مصنف : Dashiell Hammett, Hammett, Samuel Dashiell Hammett : United States writer of hard-boiled detective fiction (1894-1961). "Hammett United States writer".

مامور کنندہ : Drafter : a writer of a draft.

امریکی تجسس خیز کہانیوں کا مصنف : Dutch Leonard, Elmore John Leonard, Elmore Leonard, Leonard : United States writer of thrillers (born in 1925).

ادیب : Essayist, Litterateur : a writer of literary works.

برطانوی مصنف : Fleming, Ian Fleming, Ian Lancaster Fleming : British writer famous for writing spy novels about secret agent James Bond (1908-1964).

انگریز مصنف : Fourth Earl Of Orford, Horace Walpole, Horatio Walpole, Walpole : English writer and historian; son of Sir Robert Walpole (1717-1797).

روسی مصنف : Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol : Russian writer who introduced realism to Russian literature (1809-1852).

علم نگارشات : Graphology : the study of handwriting (especially as an indicator of the writer's character or disposition).